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LA Girl Feather Frenzy Swatches: Canary and Flamingo

There have been a few different brands releasing bar glitter concoctions, and that includes the LA Girl Feather Frenzy line, which I have two polishes from to share with you today. There are two things things that really make this collection stand out: the fact that they are partially metallic, and the great coverage. Oh, and the cute names. So I guess that makes three things.

First up is LA Girl Canary*, a mix of gold and white bar glitter that gives that feathered look. I’m personally still not sure bar glitter is for me, but I think this combination is really nice. To show you how it looks I have 3 coats by itself as well as one coat over a yellow (Rimmel Sunshine), white (Essie Blanc) and black (Sally Hansen Black Out) polish.

la girl canary 3la girl canaryla girl canary 2la girl canary 4

My personal favourite out of all the LA Girl Canary combinations is over black, there’s something surprisingly chic about it. The formula on the LA Girl Feather Frenzy polishes is really nice, as I generally find LA Girl applies really well (especially when you consider that their polishes only cost about $4) even with all the glitter these ones contain. They are jam-packed with glitter which means you get a nice, even dispersal of it in one coat and I think I maybe dabbed once out of all the nails I did.

The second polish I have from the LA Girl Feather Frenzy line is LA Girl Flamingo, another clear base, this time with loads of bright pink and white bar glitter. Once again, I layered this solo (3 coats) or 1 coat over a pink (Rimmel Posh Pink) or white or black to see how it looked.

la girl flamingo 4la girl flamingo 3la girl flamingola girl flamingo 2White obviously isn’t the best colour to layer a polish like LA Girl Flamingo over because it contains white glitter, but in this case my favourite is over pink. You can build the LA Girl Feather Frenzy polishes up to near opacity if you’re patient, but I’m not. However that would give you most realistic “feathered” look.

The LA Girl Feather Frenzy polishes aren’t especially quick-drying, so I’d rather go with one coat on top of a quick dry base instead. There are several more colours besides Canary and Flamingo in this line, so if you’re looking for a specific white and other colour in bar glitter, you should check these out. For me, it’s more of a novelty, but I admit I keep looking at my nails in these pictures, so it’s definitely kept my attention.

How do you feel about bar glitter?

*PR Samples

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