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LA Girl 3D Effects Swatches: 3D Silver and Teal Dimension

I absolutely love when budget brands come out with products that match, or outshine, their pricier competitors, and I think that’s exactly what the LA Girl 3D Effect collection does. It’s HOLOGRAPHIC POLISH collection (capitalized because unlike when other drugstore brands have said they were making holographic polish and lied to me, LA Girl doesn’t!).  I was sent two shades, LA Girl 3D Silver* and LA Girl Teal Dimension*. I already owned LA Girl Purple Effect (a Zoya Aurora dupe!) so I’ll have to share that in another post.  I also definitely need all the other colours in this collection. But first, let’s start with these two.

LA Girl 3D Silver is a clear base with scattered holographic glitter. In these photos I’m wearing it 3 coats on its own, or one layered over a purple, white, and black polish.

la girl 3d silver 2la girl 3d silverla girl 3d silver 3Application of LA Girl 3D Silver was smooth and even. However, unlike the rest of the polishes in the LA Girl 3D Effects collection, this one definitely needs a base colour. Maybe with a fourth coat I’d have better opacity on its own but that starts to be a lot of work and I’m much more likely to use this one as a top coat than a solo polish. That said, I love it and think it’s super pretty although these types of polishes aren’t super original (it reminds me of Rebel Rainbow Lacquer Fascinating Me, for instance), this is a good budget option that does the job well.

The second polish from the LA Girl 3D Effects collection that I received was LA Girl Teal Dimension, and oh my goodness, am I in love with this colour. This is two coats with no top coat.

la girl teal dimension 3la girl teal dimension 2la girl teal dimensionThe LA Girl 3D Effects polishes have a jelly base that allows them to really show off the holographic glitter, so it’s possible to get some VNL but it’s not really noticeable in person–– probably at least partially because I’m just too busy staring at my nails falling in love with LA Girl Teal Dimension a billion times over. SO pretty! The formula was great again, these shades both dry pretty fast.

Overall, absolutely adore the LA Girl 3D Effects collection and I definitely need every shade in it. These polishes are about $4 (although you can get them for less using the regular promotions on Cherry Culture, although they don’t have the black one, a near dupe for Zoya Storm which makes me quite sad) and a couple of them are dupes for Zoyas that cost over twice that. They have great formula and amazing sparkle.

Yeah, absolutely no complaints here. So so pretty. Now don’t mind me while I go stare at LA Girl Teal Dimension some more.

Have you tried any polishes from LA Girl before? What do you think of these?

*PR Samples

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