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LA Girl 3D Effects Brilliant Blue and Black Illusion

A quick disclaimer first. The photos for the two polishes I’m going to share today were taken a month apart, and with the first one I’d just had some painful breakage on one nail so hopefully the different lengths aren’t too annoying, whereas with the second one, well I took that on Saturday and my nails are back to nubs again (I don’t mind anymore). But enough about the nails, what about what’s on them? That’s LA Girl 3D Effects Brilliant Blue* and LA Girl 3D Effects Black Illusion*, two gorgeous polishes from the jelly-with holographic glitter line you can find for under $5.  I reviewed two other colours from this collection 3D Silver and Teal Dimension, previously.

LA Girls 3D Effects Brilliant Blue  3 LA Girls 3D Effects Brilliant Blue  2 LA Girls 3D Effects Brilliant Blue

LA Girl 3D Effects Brilliant Blue stole my heart the second I saw swatches online, probably because of its similarity to one of my very favourite polishes, China Glaze Dorothy Who? However, this shade is much darker, and it’s holographic, so I am very happy to have both in my collection. The formula on all these polishes is great, I applied 2 coats and that basically manages to hide VNL (there might be a bit showing through) despite the sheer base. There is very even coverage and both polishes dry quickly.

LA Girls 3D Effects Black Illusion 4 LA Girls 3D Effects Black Illusion 3 LA Girls 3D Effects Black IllusionLA Girl 3D Effects Black Illusion is a little bit less jelly-like than its blue counterpart, and it builds to 100% opacity in two coats for me. This polish really reminds me of a galaxy, and in the sunlight the sparkle and contrast to the black is just gorgeous. There are dupes for this shade, like Zoya Storm, but I don’t think you’ll find any of them at a similar price!

Both LA Girl 3D Effects Brilliant Blue and Black Illusion  have fantastic formulas and gorgeous colours. I have worn both shades multiple times and didn’t have any major chipping issues with either. I own 5 shades from the 3D Effects line, but there are a few others I don’t have and I definitely want to complete my collection. They are just so gorgeous, and it’s no surprise two shades (purple in January and blue in February) have made it into my monthly favourites.

Do you have any polish from LA Girl? I’m continually impressed by the brand and they haven’t let me down yet!

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