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LA Colors Flash Pop! Expressionism and Flash Pop! Pop Artsy

The LA Colors Flash Pop! polishes are dual-ended polishes with a solid colour on one side and a top coat glitter on the other. I tried LA Colors Flash Pop Expressionism* and LA Colors Flash Pop Pop Artsy* both of which feature a pink, sheer polish and a glitter with a lot of blue in it, but there are definitely other shades like orange, green, and blue.

LA Colors Flash Pop Expressionism 3

The first polish I tried was LA Colors Flash Pop Expressionism. Because the polish is a bit sheer and jellys just aren’t my favourite, I went with three coats of the base colour, but I think two would be fine especially since you’re topping it with glitter. The pink base is bright, bubblegum shade that looks a bit neon in the sun and I really like.

LA Colors Flash Pop Expressionism 2

The glitter topper from LA Colors Flash Pop Expressionism requires 1 coat plus dabbing or a second coat because of some of the larger, heavier glitters. It contains a big mix of sparkle including small pink glitter, medium sized pink hex glitter, large blue hex glitter, and some light pink shredded glitter.

LA Colors Flash Pop Expressionism

Overall, I think the glitter in LA Colors Flash Pop Expressionism is a really pretty contrast against the bright base, and the wear on the polishes is pretty good as it still looked nice except a small chip or two when I removed it after three days. Like all glitter, removal is a bit of a hassle, although the pink base and small glitter come off easily.

LA Colors Flash Pop Pop Artsy 2

The second dual nail polish I tested out was LA Colors Flash Pop Pop Artsy, and this was definitely the one that caught my attention more. The base colour is a bright magenta, also sheer, so I used three coats (and you could still see a bit of VNL, but again, if you’re topping it with glitter you don’t need to be as picky as I am).

LA Colors Flash Pop Pop Artsy

LA Colors Flash Pop Pop Artsy features a glitter topper I really love and definitely don’t have anything like. It’s all blue glitter, including small ones, bars, hexes, and large shreds. I think there are definitely more shredded glitter in this polish than in Expressionism, but again, I had to dab a bit to get the really big pieces on my nails. There are lots of them, it just doesn’t stay as well suspended because of how heavy they are. The wear on this polish was also quite good, lasting about 3 days on me and probably longer if I didn’t change my polish so often.

LA Colors Flash Pop Pop Artsy 3One other thing I wanted to note about these LA Colors Flash Pop! polishes is that some of the really large shredded glitter do not lie 100% flat on the nail. I covered them with a layer of top coat but they would still stick out a bit which was a bit annoying and maybe lead to me peeling one or two off (although it’s not like they fell off on their own or anything).

Each dual ended nail polish only contains 9 mL of polish (smaller combined than an average full sized bottle) so I did see noticeable use even after 1 to 2 uses. However because I never finish polishes, that is not a concern for me, especially because this brand is so affordable.

Overall, I think these polishes are pretty cute! Although these bottles are a bit more difficult to keep upright, I do like having a base and a glitter together and I think these would be fantastic for somebody just getting into polish, as well as for travel. Between LA Colors Flash Pop! Expressionism and Flash Pop! Pop Artsy, I would have to say my favourite is Pop Artsy. I think they both have some unusual glitter and pair well with their base colour. There are loads of other combinations available and some of the ones that have caught my attention are Pinksicle, So Post Modern, Flashing Lights, and Mad Duo.

Have you tried a dual ended nail polish yet? What do you think of these combinations?

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