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L.A. Colors Fun in the Sun Review and Swatches

I’m boring, I admit it. I’m usually painting my nails with a solid colour, and sometimes a glittery top coat. But I had some free time on Friday night and decided to do something adventurous (for me) with the help of L.A. Colors Fun in the Sun and a mini L.A. Colors blue glitter I had. They’re both bright, exciting, colours from an incredibly affordable brand that have been in my collection awhile. It was time to give them some love.
L.A. Colors Fun in the Sun 1
I used an L.A. Colors Fun in the Sun base, which took me 3 coats. It’s pretty sheer and streaky with one coat, and although a second one helps, I really just preferred the evenness that happens after there. I’m one of those people who generally doesn’t have a ton of patience for 3-coaters, but this purple is so pretty, and so cheap, I forgive it.

These polishes are usually about $2 or less, and right now at Cherry Culture they’re on sale for $1.50. L.A. Colors Fun in the Sun belongs to the “Color Craze” collection. They have a huge amount of colours and are cruelty-free, as well as 3-Free. They may be 4-Free as well

L.A. Colors Fun in the Sun 2

After, I dabbed the L.A. Colors blue glitter around the tips of my fingernails, kinda like they were dipped in glitter. I picked the blue because it was a fine sparkle, and also because the brightness, in combination with L.A. Colors Fun in the Sun, makes for some pretty vibrant nails.

L.A. Colors Fun in the Sun is a bright purple with pinky undertones. I almost feel like my top coat (Quick Shine by Milani) is too shiny for these photos! But I love the gloss in person.

L.A. Colors Fun in the Sun 3

When I purchased L.A. Colors Fun in the Sun, I also bought a set (or maybe two) of mini glitters by L.A. Colors. They are unlabelled, but it appears to be L.A. Colors Aqua Crystals repackaged. The formula on the glitter was pretty thick, though it was also a couple years old. I don’t like the mini-packaging because the tiny brush is so hard to hold as well as get polish on, but I also don’t need a massive jar of blue sparkle polish, so I guess it works. There was a touch of texture from the glitter, but it was easily evened out by the top coat.

The glitter was also only one coat, so I feel like it would be pretty easy to build up for near-complete coverage if you wanted to.

I’m trying to take more photos with slightly different lighting, so here’s what L.A. Colors Fun in the Sun looks like under an indoor lamp:

L.A. Colors Fun in the Sun 4

L.A. Colors Fun in the Sun is such a cheerful colour for summer, but I love purple so much I would wear it year-round. I have some other L.A. Colors polishes I will have to share as well, as this brand is really affordable and has a huge selection to choose from. I also have a few of their mini glitters, which are really fun.

Although the formula on L.A. Colors Fun in the Sun wasn’t perfect, it is one I am happy to have in my collection. This is a really great brand for testing out colours that are trendy or outside your comfort because they are so affordable.

What do you think of my attempt at doing something different on my nails? Do you have any L.A. Colors polishes? What are your favourite cheap polishes?

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