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KOELF Peeling Balm

KOELF Peeling Balm  3KOELF Peeling Balm* is intended to give your feet and other dry, hard areas of skin like elbows a boost of softening and moisturizing. I actually wondered if this might be one of those products that removes dead skin, but it is actually a moisturizer. It was included in the Memebox Foot Care 2, but I had the opportunity to review it on its own and see how it fared!

KOELF Peeling Balm  2KOELF Peeling Balm is especially suggested after high heel wear, and although I don’t wear heels my heels could definitely use some more of that silky smoothing foot feeling the product promises. Applied, it is scent-free and almost reminds me of silicone the way it leaves an even surface behind. It is quite thick and my favourite way to apply it is to dry areas at night before bed. I load my feet up with the KOELF Peeling Balm, and use it as a kind of foot mask that I keep contained with socks, waking up to super soft feet in the morning. I also add some to my elbows and have noticed a difference there as well.

KOELF Peeling BalmOverall, I have been enjoying using KOELF Peeling Balm on my feet and I definitely plan to keep this a part of my evening routine as long as the tube lasts. I appreciate that it doesn’t have that heavy mint scent a lot of foot products do, but even more, I appreciate the fact that it works! What’s your favourite foot cream?


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