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Kiss Nail Dress Stickers

After falling (head over heels) for the Revlon by Marchesa nail stickers, I was excited to test out a similar product from another brand, Kiss Nail Dress Stickers*. Kiss does all kinds of holiday-specific stickers, but the package I received are multicolour and black sparkly stars that are definitely good year round. They don’t have a specific style nail that I can find.
Kiss Nail Dress

Like the Revlon ones, Kiss Nail Dress Stickers are not made of real nail polish, so to apply you simply peel and stick (and to remove you do the same thing). Once you find the best ones for your nail shape, you can file off the excess.

Kiss Nail Dress 2

One of the great things about the Kiss Nail Dress Stickers is that they come with 28 strips, which for me is definitely enough for 2 full manicures. I did the manicure shown in the photos below, and I can also do the exact reverse manicure because each size sticker comes in both designs.

Kiss Nail Dress 3Kiss Nail Dress 4

My photos were taken after a day of wear, since I was waiting for decent lighting, but you can see how pretty and sparkly the Kiss Nail Dress Stickers are. They are also in a design that I would be way too lazy to replicate on my own (at least until I start nail stamping– although even then I don’t know how I’d do the accent nail), which is my main criteria for nail stickers. I think they are super pretty and definitely got compliments wearing them!

Kiss Nail Dress 5

The Kiss Nail Dress Stickers lie flat on your nail, and for that reason they lasted longer on me than the Revlon ones did. I got about 4-5 days of wear out of these, and I suspect you could get longer if you weren’t so fiddly with your hands like I am.

kiss nail dress 6

Overall, I enjoyed wearing the Kiss Nail Dress Stickers. The star design is so cute, and I think they are easy to apply and wear. They are nice quality and although I will never replace real nail polish with stickers completely, but for special occasions or just for something fun, I do appreciate them.

Have you ever tried Kiss Nail Dress Stickers? Or anything else by the brand? I have some fun nail art stuff to test out by them as well.

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