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KISS & imPRESS Nails Summer 2015 Releases

KISS & imPRESS Nails Summer 2015 Releases 6Apparently I haven’t shared any KISS and imPRESS Nails launches for almost a year (check out Fall 2014 here) but both brands have continued releasing lots of great, seasonal products and today I have quite a few of the KISS & imPRESS Nails Summer 2015 Releases* to share with you.

KISS & imPRESS Nails Summer 2015 Releases 5First up are the new imPRESS Press-On Manicure options from Broadway Nails, which come in three summery shades (I especially love that teal). I actually really like these nails because I find they adhere well, and they are short enough that they look natural and are easy to wear. Each set comes with 24, and I can definitely find ten that work for me. I reviewed them previously here, but as I mentioned in my June empties, I am definitely planning to wear them more often!

KISS & imPRESS Nails Summer 2015 Releases 4The Collection Nails by KISS includes four different designs for Summer 2015, and I have two of them, a graphic leaf and a pink lace flower. These false nails include glue, and they are longer than the imPRESS ones since I have them in medium length. For people who want the art right on their nails, there are also some really cute KISS Polish Pop appliques available that include both full nail and accents also designed by nail artists.

KISS & imPRESS Nails Summer 2015 Releases 3If you don’t wear falsies but want a little help maintaining your natural nails, these two new KISS PowerFlex Nail Glue options could be a great help. I have the KISS PowerFlex Maximum Speed Glue for when you are in a rush, as well as the KISS PowerFlex Precision Nail Glue for detail work. There’s also a third, KISS PowerFlex Brush-On Nail Glue available. I really could have used these while I was on vacation but I sadly did not travel with a bottle…lesson learned!

KISS & imPRESS Nails Summer 2015 Releases 2 KISS & imPRESS Nails Summer 2015 ReleasesThe final KISS & imPRESS Nails Summer 2015 Release I have to share is the The KISS Professional Manicure Kit which is jam-packed with all the essentials you need to take care of your nails. The 14 tools include nail scissors, a brush, clippers, a four-sided buffer, emery boards,  a cuticle pusher, two different kinds of nail files and orange sticks. Plus, they all come inside a travel-friendly pouch! I’ve made use of a couple of these tools already for filing and fixing hang nails, and I especially love the cuticle trimmers.

All these KISS & imPRESS Nails Summer 2015 Releases are available at Walmart, and I’ve also seen plenty of products from the brands at my local Lawtons. Have any of them caught your eye?

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