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Katy Perry Killer Queen

Katy Perry Killer QueenDespite having shared reviews of two limited editions versions of the fragrance (Oh So Sheer and Royal Revolution) I never actually own the original Katy Perry Killer Queen* perfume. UNTIL NOW. Sorry. That probably didn’t require capitals.

Katy Perry Killer Queen 4Katy Perry Killer Queen is the original fragrance and has the same stunning jeweled bottle shape as the other two offerings, this time in red tones with a gold crown cap. This is my first time having a 100 mL bottle, as the other two are 30 mL and 50 mL, and it is quite large, so although it looks gorgeous displayed on its side, I kinda wish it came with a stand.

Katy Perry Killer Queen 2Gorgeous bottle aside, Katy Perry Killer Queen is a sweet but musky scent, perfect for the winter months. The sweetness comes from fruity notes like wild berries and dark plum, which is layered on top of a floral core of jasmine and celosia. The warm base is cashmere, patchouli and praline. The end result is a fragrance that dries down to a warm mix of berry with floral notes and a sweet patchouli base. The wear time was excellent and I could still smell it on my skin at the end of the day (about 8 hours).

Katy Perry Killer Queen 3If you are looking for a sweet perfume with a slightly spicy base to it, Katy Perry Killer Queen is a long lasting fruity and patchouli scent perfect for the cold weather. Of course, the stunning packaging doesn’t hurt.

Have you tried any of the Katy Perry fragrances yet? I am hoping for another limited edition release this spring, since I think Oh So Sheer is my favourite of her scents.

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