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June 2015 Empties

June 2015 EmptiesShocking story: I’m behind on my empties again. But I want to recycle all this, well, trash, before I head out of town for a week so I am going to do my best to get up my June 2015 Empties (which I have obviously succeeded at if you are reading this post…) followed by my July Empties. These empties aren’t quite as insane as May, but I did still move a decent amount of products out of my collection! Plus, I did a whole purge of a ton of products to bring my family when I visit them, so I’m feeling pretty good about my still ridiculous large beauty stash.

June 2015 Empties 3Back in May I shared four new Dial Hand Washes, and the first one I finished up was the Dial Omega Moisture with Sea Berries Foaming Hand Wash*. I loved the foam and the scent but I was a little surprised by how quickly we went through it. The packaging is nondescript though so I’m going to DIY some of my excess shower gel to refill it.

I also used up this L’Occitane Roses et Reines Beautifying Body Milk* which is apparently a year old–proof I have too many products. It still worked great and I love the scent but I prefer a thicker lotion to a milk. I’m still working on my Lush stash before anything expires, so that included the Lush So White Shower Gel* which had a subtle, crisp apple scent (I still prefer Rose Jam or Snow Fairy for a Christmas scent) as well as the Lush Dirty Shaving Cream* which was pretty nice but definitely more of a masculine scent (I did steal it from a Father’s Day Gift Guide after all!)

I also had a leftover Nourish Green Tea Shampoo and Nourish Green Tea Conditioner from last month which were hotel samples and nothing special.

June 2015 Empties 5I somehow ended up with a free sample of the Pantene Pro-V Miracle Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner and I really don’t want to keep samples around so I used them up right away. They were really nice for my dry hair and I have an insane amount of conditioner but I would consider buying the shampoo. I also used up the Montagne Jeunesse Aloe Vera Face Spa* and Super Fruit Mud Masks* and I loved the Aloe Vera but found the Super Fruit too harsh, you can read more in my review.

The Bliss Micro Magic Spa-Powered Microdermabrasion Treatment was a Sephora sample and I really loved it from the one or two uses, but I have a lot of skincare these days. I also had the Bliss Lemon+Sage Body Butter* from a Christmas set, which I also loved and finally finished and then promptly lost the cap for. The scent was awesome!

I am pretty sad to put these Shiseido Facial Cotton in my June 2015 Empties, but in combination with my July post I am now all out of cotton pads and may justify a repurchase of these because it’s like removing eye makeup with a cloud. I had a mini Dove Go Sleeveless Anti-Antiperspirant which was great for travel but otherwise nothing super special.

June 2015 Empties 4There are a few products I would consider “makeup” in my June 2015 Empties, which is always exciting, although all four are nail-related. You can never tell when I’m done these bottles but I swear I added polish thinner several times before I couldn’t get anything else out and gave up on the Formula X Moon Sign Nail Polishand Formula X Fathom Nail Polish*. I quite like this brand and these two shades were great. Less great was the Witchcraft Nail Hardener but it was a gift and a mini and I refused to give up.

I also wore the imPRESS Nails in It Girl* and was really happy with the short length, fit for my nails, and the pretty purple colour I got a compliment on. I have a few more of these sets and I will definitely be reaching for them more often.

June 2015 Empties 2As always, I end with the tea and quite a bit did make it into my June 2015 Empties. First there was a giant container (135 grams) of DAVIDsTEA Fruit Punch, which was half Just Peachy and half Goji Pop although I actually did love mixing them together for a yummy fruit punch flavour when I cold steeped them. There’s also yet another tin of DAVIDsTEA Grand Cru Matcha*, which seems to be a feature every two months at the rate I drink it in my morning smoothies.

I used 2 DAVIDsTEA Lime Gelato samples, which is a nice iced tea but not something I’m so obsessed with I’m planning to actually buy it–although I’m happy to keep getting samples. I also had a DAVIDsTEA Gogi Pop sample, and it is a yummy, juice-like tea all on its own too. There was a bag of DAVIDsTEA Genmaicha which is a brown rice green tea I think is quite lovely. I also had DAVIDsTEA Cherry Blossom which was a really yummy tea especially since I don’t usually like white teas, but that also means it is on the pricier side, so although it was limited edition I might pick up a little again if it came back.  Finally, I had a little Tea Ave Cape Jasmine Oolong* sample to try and I’ll be sharing my thoughts on this and two other teas from the brand soon (a bit of a blogging fail there!), spoiler: it was quite light and lovely though.

My June 2015 Empties included Beauty: 18 and Tea: 8. I do realize sample and full-sizes get counted the same, but it’s all products out of my collection. I might divide down my counts further in the future though, 2016 goals.

Year-to-date totals? Beauty: 105 and Tea and Candles: 55.

Anything you’ve tried from this pile of trash? Let me know 🙂 Or just leave a comment so I can continue to pretend somebody reads these books because they are a lot of work, but I still like doing them!

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