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June 2013 Empties Post Part 1

Ever since the middle of May when I first discovered “Empties” posts I have been so excited to become involved and do one myself! Admittedly, I then stalled on finishing products for the second half of May which means I have an extra big pile to share with you for the month of June. The post was getting ridiculously long so I’m going to do my June 2013 Empties in 2 parts.

These are all products I finished (or am tossing for another reason) in the month of June.

I borrowed my rating system with permission from Petite Pear Style:

* = Disliked the product – would not repurchase
** = Liked the product – might or might not repurchase
*** = Loved the product – would repurchase

june empties 1
Look at all those empties!

I love the feeling of finishing a product, and seeing them all stacked up like this at the end of the month is so rewarding. I do feel like I often go off and buy new things without having totally finished my old stuff, and I’m hoping doing these posts encourages me to use things up. I also think you can get the best idea of how a person feels about a product based on how they feel after they’ve finished using, and if they’ll repurchase. I am including sample size as well as full size products.

june empties 2

1. Bath and Body Works– Triple Moisture Shower Cream (Dark Kiss): I really love these shower creams, they are so smooth and moisturizing which feels really nice on your skin and also makes them great for shaving. The Dark Kiss scent is probably my favourite from BBW, and I bought a ton of these on a boxing day sale for a few dollars so they will definitely be a regular in my empties posts.  I won’t be repurchasing any time soon as I have a pile to get through already but I do love this product. **

2. Bath and Body Works– Antibacterial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap (Fresh Picked Pears): This scent is delicious, I would definitely buy it in body lotion format as well, as pear is a really uncommon scent but BBW does it so well! I also like how the deep cleansing soaps last way longer than the foaming ones (though I buy those as well) but I am always wanting to test out new scents so I’m unlikely to repurchase this exact product. **

3. Lush- Cynthia Sylvia Stout Shampoo: A small sample of this I got when making my bubble bath purchases (click here to see my haul) it really is too tiny to tell how effective it is because with my loads of hair I only got one use of out of it. I will say it didn’t have quite the lather I wanted and I didn’t like the smell much. It also has sulfates and parabens in it and I just feel like if I was going to buy a shampoo that expensive, I’d want it to be more natural. *

4. Lush- Vanilla Dee-lite Lotion: The smell of this product was delicious, and I did find that the little bit in the sample went a long way. I really enjoyed using it, but honestly it’s just way too expensive, and again, contrary to the image Lush presents, it’s not really natural at all. I have quite a few Bath and Body Works lotions I’m happy to use up instead. *

5. Lush- Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioner: Another small sample, I thought the smell of this was better but nothing I was in love with. I did like how rich and conditioning it felt in my hair but it’s incredibly expensive and with one wash it just didn’t win me over. *

6. Lush- Jasmine & Henna Fluff Eaze Hair Treatment: When giving me this sample the lady warned me that it really wasn’t enough to test out the product, so I just used it on a patch of hair and left it in for awhile before I showered. This is another product I don’t like the scent of, but the bit of hair I used it in definitely felt softer and smoother! I almost wish it didn’t, because this stuff is $23 and even the lady at the store said it only really lasts for 3 treatments (and she’s the one who told me my shampoo sample would last for 2, which it definitely didn’t). I only just discovered hair masks and I’m using another one I like so I suppose I’ll stick to that. This product is also full of sulfates and parabens! But I’m giving it 2 stars anyway because my hair feels silky. **

7. The Body Shop– Body Scrub (Spiced Vanilla): I got this on sale for $5 and it smelled delicious and I hadn’t owned a body scrub so why not? Well after using this I can still say I haven’t owned a body scrub because this is definitely not a scrub. It has some tiny bits in it that leave a mess in the bottom of the bath tub but don’t really accomplish much else. I love The Body Shop but would definitely not repurchase this product. *

june empties 3
8. Quo– Nail Polish Remover (Nourishing): Yeah there is nothing special about this, it was just the polish remover available at my local drug store. It contains acetone but I didn’t even think it did that great a job. I don’t love but may end up buying it again anyway, it’s cheap and it mainly does the job. **

9. Bath and Body Works– Triple Moisture Body Cream (Dark Kiss): I have been using this bottle of lotion for an embarrassingly long time but it honestly felt like I was never going to finish it. Not that I minded, I loved it. It’s rich and smells amazing. I actually talked so much about it I got a second bottle as a gift right around the time I bought mine. So I already have a second bottle somewhere I think. By the time I’m done that, I may want another scent, otherwise I would definitely repurchase… actually, I’ll probably repurchase anyway, it’s amazing. ***

10. Burt’s Bees– Hand Salve: I think I got this product in one of those Burt’s Bees travel sets, and even though I generally like their products, I found this absolutely horrible. I have no clue when I received it, so there’s a strong chance it went “off” but it was incredibly greasy and didn’t absorb into my skin at all, it felt like Vaseline I couldn’t rub off and I ended up washing my hands a ton to try to get it to go away. It also smells really bad. *

11. Milani– Quick Shine Top Coat: I actually really liked this top coat. It dried nice and glossy, it was cheap (I got it on sale on and it actually lasted me for the majority of the bottle unlike Seche Vite. Still, I’ll probably go for what’s cheap and easily available to me, but I wouldn’t mind buying this one again in the future. **

12 & 13. Julep– Rock Star Hand Creme: I got  little samples of this with Julep orders and I was excited to test it out. The smell is great, light but fragment, a little floral but not overpowering. The lotion itself is really smooth and spreads well, so I got a couple uses out of the tiny sample. It doesn’t seem incredibly moisturizing, I’d say more lotion than “creme”, but my main problem was it dries quite oily on the hands. I found the slipperiness annoying and had to keep wiping them off. If I ever got a container in a mystery box I wouldn’t be disappointed but I definitely wouldn’t go out of my way to purchase this, especially not at $20 ($16 Maven Price) *

14. Sephora Indulgences– Whipped Body Delight (Mango): This isn’t the thickest body lotion out there, likely because it’s “whipped” but it goes on really smoothly, smells insanely delicious, and absorbs into my skin almost instantly. NOT GREASY. The scent lasts a surprisingly long time, and I thought it was really great at moisturizing. Unfortunately, I got this as a gift several Christmases ago and the product has since been discontinued, so there’s no way for me to repurchase. If I could, I would! Sephora does have a “Nourishing Body Butter” available for sale in mango so I may test that out in the future. ***

Check back tomorrow for the second half of this month’s empties! Have you tried any of these products? I’d love to know if your experience with them differs from mine? What do you think about empties posts?

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