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June 2013 Empties Post Part 2

Click here to read Part 1 of my June 2013 Empties!

Also, just as a reminder, here’s what I used up:
june empties 1Yup, I’m pretty happy with myself! I did have a few things that needed tossing or that I “stretched” to finish in June though, so we’ll see how July compares, especially because I’m traveling for some of the month.

The rating system I used:

* = Disliked the product – would not repurchase
** = Liked the product – might or might not repurchase
*** = Loved the product – would repurchase

And here are my remaining products and thoughts for my June 2013 Empties:

june empties 4
15. Clinique– Rinse-off Eye Makeup Solvent: My mom got as a gift with purchase and gave it to me, I remember liking it when I first used it but picked it up again recently and it really burned my eyes and was only decent at removing the makeup. But luckily it’s done. I also another makeup remover sample so I can avoid actually purchasing one for awhile longer, although recent YouTube watching of Julia Goolia has me wanting to check out coconut oil instead. *

16. L’Oreal– Colour Riche Balm (Nourishing Nude): Picked out by my friend Laala last summer, I absolutely adored it and had been savouring it for the last month so that I’d finish it in time to share in my first empties post haha. I thought I read that it’s been discontinued in this shade, but they still have it near where I live.Originally I wasn’t planning to repurchase given that it’s $11 for a slightly glorified lip balm, but when I found it on sale for $7 I couldn’t help myself. Would definitely continue to repurchase at the lower price! ***

17. Estee Lauder– Pure Color Gloss (09 Rock Candy (Shimmer)): This was a gift from my very generous friend Laala who decided to (a couple years ago) treat me to a care package and included a high end lip gloss for me since I’d never had one before. She did a great job as I loved how this made my lips look. It is, however, extremely sticky. Also, I was nearly done and working on finishing this for June when the top broke off so that the wand wouldn’t stay in the tube. I decided to keep it in a pocket in my bag anyway (DUMB) and it predictably made a mess with the little bit remaining. Anyway as much as I love the look of this gloss, the stickiness and my long hair and windy city and the price tag will probably prevent repurchasing, but thank you Lalaa for such a lovely gift! **

18. Revlon– DoubleTwist Mascara: I got a double pack of these for a holiday one year from my mom I think and I was pretty sure I hadn’t used it before but when I pulled it out it was just not applying and really dry. I gave it a shot for awhile but I’m pretty sure it is dried out. I also think the wand is really weird. I am pretty sure I still have the second one somewhere and it may be unused (can mascara dry out even if it’s unopened? I’m pretty sure this stuff is a couple years old…) so I’ll give that one a try in the future but definitely won’t repurchase. *

19. ELF– Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara: Laala, who knows much much more about makeup than I do, especially at the time, picked this out for me when we were in the US together last summer and it was $1 at Target. Totally worth the money and I don’t know how I lasted so long without a brow gel but once I started to use it I really liked it. I originally thought I’d have to wait until I went to the US again to repurchase but I just splurged on an ELF order, so I have 5 more to use up now.***

20 & 21: Mac– Select Cover-up (NC20 and NW25): Well these are old! Pretty sure about 7 years old, whoops. I hadn’t been using them lately but I was reorganizing my makeup and came across one. I started to finish it up but the tube was cracked and eventually it was too hard to get out and also the wrong colour for my skin. I found the second one but the tube was in even worse shape and the product was half gone and the rest was pretty separated and not a colour match either. So, yeah. Not going to be using these anymore, but does anyone know if they count for “back to Mac”? I only own a couple Mac products so it’ll be a long time before I ever get up to 6, but I figure I should hold onto them if they do count. I was happy with this product when I originally used it and a little went a very long way, so I would consider buying Mac concealer again in the right colour. **

june empties 5
21. Bathclin Karada Plus– Aroma Sparkling (Fresh Yuzu):  I ordered two bath salt packets from Japan, each for $1, and this was the first one I tested out. I’m planning to do a full review, but I wouldn’t repurchase this although it turned my bath water a very interesting colour. *

22. The Body Shop– Tea Tree Oil: I have been using the tea tree products from The Body Shop for awhile now and I really like them for my oily skin and find they help lots with my blemishes when I actually use them. This is more of as spot treatment and it definitely works. It’s diluted from actual plain tea tree oil but I  may purchase that and dilute myself in the future, however I’ve always bought this when I had an awesome discount. I have already repurchased this and am halfway through my second bottle. ***

23. Cake– Refreshing Hair and Body Spray (Satin Sugar): This came as a part of a set so I didn’t know what it smelled like before I bought it. The scent is really sweet, which I actually like, but it doesn’t last long at all. Like maybe a few minutes? It’s got aloe and whatever in it that makes it the kind of spray I rub into my skin afterwards and like spraying in my hair. But I can easily buy an oil or use a moisturizer and in terms of smell the scent fades so quickly, and Cake products are kinda expensive, so it’s not something I would purchase on its own or recommend. *

24. Nivea– Dry Confidence: I bought this when I went on a month-long trip earlier this year because it was the smallest full size deodorant at the drugstore. It actually has the same amount of product as my Secret one, just in a smaller container. I think it was also a good deal. I ended up using a different one mainly on the trip, but got back to this eventually. It smelled and worked alright but if I’m going for an aluminum-containing one I’d probably buy Secret instead (Unless this was on a really good promotion…) **

25. Secret– Natural Mineral (Eucalyptus Blossom): I always like Secret deodorants and this one had a really nice scent, however I am trying to go with a more natural product. That said, I couldn’t find any right away when I finished up 2 deodorants this month (I have them in two locations in my apartment which is why I started and finished them around the same time) so I ended up buying another Secret. Afterwards I found two more natural alternatives I’ll be testing out, but if I don’t like them, this is definitely a brand I’d go back to. **

26. Garnier– Clean & Fresh Silk Secret (Leave-In Detangler): Wow this product is old! I guess it took me a long time to get through even though I sprayed a decent amount in my natural knotty hair. I think it helped though I wasn’t blown away by it, I ended up buying a different detangler to try next. I’ll probably keep trying brands that are a good price unless I really fall in love with one of them. **

27. Escada– Cherry in the Air Perfume: I got a sample of this in the mail and it’s delicious, really smells like a sweet cherry scent, quite summery, but not the kind of thing I think I’d wear too often (maybe because it’s too fruity? It is a really strong scent… I don’t know). I also really don’t need any perfume, especially for $70. But it was was fun to check out. *

28. Eurospa– Facial Mask, Deep-Cleansing Peel-Off (Cucumber): Whoops, the one in the photo is actually full because I bought these for a girly night and didn’t want to take my trash home with me, especially cause it was pretty sticky. They were $1 each at Dollarama and my friend really wanted a peel-off mask, which turned out to be a lot of fun. I was really happy with how smooth it left my skin and I have one or two left but would definitely purchase again in the future. ***

june empties 6
29 & 30. Bath and Body Works Slatkin & Co.– 3-Wick Candle (Caramel Apple and Creamy Pumpkin): Both fall scents I bought in January for an insane discount and enjoyed burning although it was getting a little too out of season in June so I was happy to finish them both up and move onto more summery candles. I really loved both these scents, Creamy Pumpkin was especially popular in my apartment and it was finished first. I would never pay full price for these guys but if they were on a fantastic promotion again I definitely would, or in different scents, as I really enjoyed this brand. **

31. David’s Tea- Berry Good (Organic): I only bought a 20 g bag of this berry pur’eh tea, which I reviewed here already, which was great because it meant I actually finished it. When I first reviewed it I was disappointed it didn’t have the dark berry flavour I was looking for, but as I kept using it it really grew on me and I love the freshness of the strawberry. This is why empties posts are great, because even if I review something, it’s possible my tastes will change! Unlike many of my David’s Teas, it also has no artificial flavours. I should probably finish a few more teas first (I celebrated finishing this one by going out and buying 5 more, whoops) but once I do I will likely repurchase this one. **

Well there’s the rest of my empties for the month of June! What did you think of these products, and these posts? Would you like to see it back again for July? These posts are a ton of work and I’ll be on vacation at the beginning of August but I’m definitely thinking I’ll do it again. Let me know what you think in the comments (and if you did an empties post, please link me! I love them!)

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