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July Empties Post

july empties 1

Yay! Another month of empties! To check out my other empties posts, click here. Last month was an insane batch of empties, so July empties is probably way more normal of what you can expect on this blog. I was on vacation for 2 weeks though which made using up products harder, I have quite a few that are nearly done that I thought would be finished, but they’ll show up for August instead.

I borrowed the same rating system again from from Petite Pear Style:

* = Disliked the product – would not repurchase
** = Liked the product – might or might not repurchase
*** = Loved the product – would repurchase

july empties 2

1. Aussie–Shampoo (Moist): Well that’s a giant bottle of shampoo! This took a few months to use up, and lately I haven’t been using it at all as I’ve been trying to go more natural with my shampoo, but my boyfriend finished up the bottle (our second one) and I think he is officially sick of it. I love the smell and have always been very happy with Aussie products, but like I said, I do want to try more silicone, paraben, and sulfate-free shampoos, so I’m unlikely to rebuy this any time soon. **

2. Bath and Body Works– Shower Gel (Coconut Passionfruit): Ugh, I hated this. I ordered this online in a massive BBW order for boxing day (and not this most recent one!) so I paid a ridiculously low price and picked up the Coconut shower gels in Pineapple (already used) as well as Passionfruit and Mango (two mangoes left!) Unfortunately I don’t particularly like their shower gel as I much prefer the shower cream in my June empties, and I also don’t like the coconut scent. I guess I thought my boyfriend would use these more or something, really regret the purchases but since I have them, they’ll get used. I did try a tiny bit as bubble bath and that wasn’t bad. Would definitely not repurchase though! *

3. Skintimate– Shave Gel (Skin Therapy Lotionized): This came for free with a razor and was basically sitting around collecting dust since I tended to use my ‘shower cream’ to shave instead. But I am trying to use things up and not let them sit around so I decided to give this a try and I loved it. It made shaving so smooth and was really nice. It’s limited edition, but it got me hooked on the idea of using shaving cream. Unfortunately the ones I bought to replace it I picked based on delicious scent and they are definitely not like this at all. I would maybe rebuy another normal shaving cream after I’m done those though. **

4. The Spa of Hakone– Bath Salts: More bath salts that turned my water a crazy colour and these ones smelled like medicinal herbs so yeah, definitely not rebuying (but I’ll review with photos soon!) *

5. Lush– Curly Wurly Shampoo: Well I really didn’t like this shampoo! The scent wasn’t good, and it had some big “chunks” in it that were unpleasant, probably all due to this shampoo having creamed coconut in it, which I don’t like. So I honestly don’t care about what it did for my hair or not, I just don’t want to use it again (and I hate that these samples are really only good for one use! They used to be bigger.) *

6. Lush– American Cream Conditioner: This smelled good! Yum. I also thought it did a good job lathering, but I’m not sure I’m enough in love with the big tag price attached. Let me know if you use this product and what you think! **

july empties 4

7. Rimmel– Eye Glistener (Standout): Finally bought a sharpener in the right size so I could use this again and it was horrible. VERY gluey and gross. Not sure if it was always like that, but this is the one item from this month going in the trash unfinished. I even tried “swatching it” on my hand and it took me washing it several times to get the sticky gooeyness away! Gross. *

8. Pure Source– Sheet Mask (Pomegranate): This mask is supposed to help with anti-aging and although I don’t think I need that (yet!) I just love pomegranate so much I decided to get it. It was my first sheet mask and I wasn’t a big fan, the scent wasn’t anything special either. I have a bunch more to try out including another one of these though so I’ll try to do a review, but I don’t see myself repurchasing this one although I am still intrigued by sheet masks. *

9. Pure Source– Sheet Mask (Sea Kelp): I did like this mask better than the pomegranate one but I still wasn’t quite sure about it. I have a second one to give a try and I will review it then probably but sheet masks may just not be my thing. *

10. ELF– Tinted Moisturizer: This one is sorta cheating but it’s not on purpose. I used this while traveling and TWICE it opened and a bunch squirted out. At least the second time I learned my lesson and was transporting it in the ziploc bag. The cap just doesn’t stay on well I guess. I was really excited by this product when I first got it last summer because it was such a cheap version of something I really wanted to try. But using it again this year I realize actually does nothing (except for the tiny bit of SPF in it) and is a bit too ‘dewy’ for my oily skin. I excitedly bought 2 tubes last summer so I still have one more to use up, which I will, but not something I would repurchase. I have a Neutrogena one as well and it’s a billion times better. *

11. DAVIDsTEA– Paradise Found: This tea was recommended to me when I was hanging out with the lovely Kylie at and she was 100% right, I loved it! Sadly this delicious mango mix (review here) was a seasonal flavour, and it turns out it has artificial flavours in it, so I won’t be repurchasing but if I could, I would absolutely be tempted anyway. It’s delicious! **

july empties

12. L.A. Colors– Color Craze Nail Polish (Fame): It was only when I was writing up this post that I realized this was missing because I had been so proud of finishing a nail polish, even a baby 4.9 mL mini! It doesn’t look 100% empty in the picture but I promise you it is, I scrapped the sides as best as I could and it had gotten pretty goopy. Even the brush broke off and I tried using a q-tip! I finished this bottle using it on the tips of a bright pink manicure and the glitter looked great, the blue and pink combination is really pretty. I won’t be rushing out to repurchase this, but I like the brand and how affordable it is and I wouldn’t be opposed to buying more glitter minis (or full size, as I don’t especially like minis) in the future. **

Well that’s it for the month of July! Not much compared to June, but I’m thinking August will be a good month and at the very least I should finish 2-3 teas. What do did you use up in July? If you do an empties post, please link me below, I love reading them!

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