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Julep’s Cupid’s Mystery Box PROMO CODE

I know you guys rely on me to bring you reminders about Julep’s mystery boxes and amazing promo codes to go with them. I will try to never fail you! Tonight I have a Julep’s Cupid’s Mystery Box Promo Code, although it unfortunately doesn’t save you money off the box, it does allow for an extra (free) bonus I think all polish-lovers would appreciate.

Julep Cupid's Mystery BoxJulep’s Cupid’s Mystery Box comes in three possible varieties:

  1. Aphrodite, Pedi Lover
  2. Lindy, Makeup Lover
  3. Venus, Mani Lover

Each box is catered to the type of product you’re looking for, and the best part is there is no overlap between boxes (though there may be if you buy more than one of the same type). There is also a special polish unique to each box, although these often show up later on Julep’s website as well. Each of Julep’s Cupid Mystery Boxes costs $24.99 and comes with $75 worth of product, including the guaranteed polish. But how can you make the savings even better?

When purchasing the Julep’s Cupid’s Mystery Box, add an extra polish from the website to your cart (you pick!) then use the promo code BEMINE when checking out, and your bonus polish will be FREE, increasing the value of your mystery box and personalizing it so you’re guaranteed to get a polish you love. It’s that easy.

I’m not allowed to buy polish, but let me know if you take advantage of the Julep’s Cupid’s Mystery Box Promo Code!

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