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Julep Warehouse Sale Haul June 2013

Wow this post is late. I guess that’s what happens when it takes over a month for polishes to arrive! Anyway, luckily they just did and I can finally share my awesome Julep Warehouse Sale Haul. The Julep Warehouse Sale took place in June, and I believe it was the first time it was available online. Hopefully there will be another when in December! The prices were amazing!

So even with the stress involved–being lucky enough to be online at just the right moment and have some girls in a polish group I belong to let me know the sale had started, items selling out–I’d definitely call the Julep Warehouse Sale a hit and I will be using these products and polishes for a long time!

julep warehouse sale 1

This was the first (and major) box which arrived in a normal time frame and included the majority of my goodies. It was huge! I did order a lot of non-polish products because with scrubs and body lotions at $2 the price was right, and I technically need those more than polish… It was a fun chance to try a bunch of Julep’s beauty products, and I will be featuring many in reviews on Writing Whimsy. Honestly their original price tags seem inflated to me, but with the fantastic discount of the Julep Warehouse Sale, they were definitely worth picking up to test out.

julep warehouse sale 2
Here’s what was in my first box! A lot of the items were in sets, so I’ve put them on the same line to show that.

  • Daylight Defense SPF 15 Lip Balm and Daylight Defense SPF 30
  • Glow On Age Defying Hand Brightener and Facial for Hands Glycolic Hand Scrub
  • Pink Grapefruit Body Scrub x2
  • Pink Grapefruit Body Frosting x2
  • Pomegranate Body Scrub
  • Pomegranate Body Creme
  • Body Scrub Mitt
  • Julep Reveal
  • Julep Sicilian Blood Orange Foot Soak and Jackie
  • Patti and Carly plus hair ties
  • Angelina and Esmeralda
  • Fiona and Lucky
  • Cabochon Ring x3

The products I was hoping for that weren’t on sale were the cuticle oil and the nail polish remover. Maybe next time!

julep warehouse sale 3

My second box took over a month but finally showed up with my remaining polish. All the Julep polishes I bought at the sale were between $1.50 and $2.50 each, besides Julia which came to $4 but I really loved. I bought all the ones in this box (except Julia) using a promo code for 50% off that gave me an extra discount so that the polishes were $2 or less. Amazing prices for Julep, which is full price at $14 for an 8 mL bottle ($11.20 for Mavens).

You can of course expect to see the polishes I picked up from the Julep Warehouse Sale on Writing Whimsy in the future. They are:

  • Renee
  • Stefani
  • Alma
  • Julia
  • Brandt
  • Hilary
  • Caroline
  • “Swatch Me” Stickers

I was also really glad I grabbed the “Swatch Me” stickers for $2 because it makes it a lot easier to tell my polishes apart in the melmer when they have the labels on top, and it makes me happy when things match. Considering none of these 7 polishes came with the stickers on them already, it was also perfect timing.

Like always, if you are interested in trying Julep you can get one of their Maven Starter Boxes for shipping cost only ($3.99) using the code FREEMAVEN. The boxes contain either product, polishes, or both. If you use my referral link to sign up I will be very grateful! If you don’t cancel, following months are $20.

What do you think of my Julep Warehouse Sale haul? Is there anything you’d love to see swatched or reviewed first? Let me know so I can move it up my list! I honestly haven’t had a chance to wear any of these polishes yet, I think that means my polish no-buy was totally justified…

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