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Julep September Box Review

Oh wow, it’s been a long time since I shared a monthly Julep box! Apparently I’ve been skipping my boxes since May (review here, and it was a Modern Beauty/polish-free box!) although I’ve been acquiring lots of Juleps other ways (like mystery boxes), but they finally reeled me back in with the Julep September Box! In fact, they did such a good job that I decided to upgrade and go for the full collection.

julep september box

Look how huge that box is! Of course not as massive as my box from the Warehouse Sale… But still. Filled with goodies!

julep september box 2

Mine looks like it was maybe peeked into by customs, but everything was there so I was satisfied and ready to dig in myself. Here’s the full haul from the Julep September Box.

julep september box 3

The Julep September Box contained all 9 polishes from the collection, along with the two beauty products. I was disappointed there wasn’t a bonus colour this month that was included like there has been in the past, the add-on cost an extra $5 (but I went for it anyway!) This month was a great mix of cremes and glitters.

julep september box 5

From left to right:

Josephine: Deep teal grey creme

Candace: Golden chocolate microglitter

Catrina: marigold yellow creme

These colours all look great, I usually don’t like yellow but I think this one is really pretty (hopefully it doesn’t apply terribly streaky) and Josephine looks perfect for fall. And of course, can’t say no to sparkle!

julep september box 6

Florence: Classic camel creme

Padma: Royal plum creme

Karmen: Golden crimson microglitter

I swapped away Florence and Padma looks darker in person than I thought (really black with a hint of purple rather than the other way around) but I’m really excited for Karmen, I bet it would make a gorgeous holiday manicure.

julep september box 4

Tatiana: Golden burnt orange microglitter

Kristy: Midnight blue creme

Daria: Dark slate grey creme

Kristy is so dark that it looks similar to Padma! But Daria and Tatiana are both gorgeous favourites.

julep september box 8

Blank Canvas Mattifying Face Primer: an age-defying primer that hydrates and brightens skin, absorbs shine, and helps foundation last longer. Fortified with 18 plant extracts.

Fantastic reviews of this product so far, I’ve never used primer in the past but I figure it’s time to start.

julep september box 9

Bare Face Cleansing Oil: An antioxidant-rich cleanser that dissolves impurities without overdrying skin, then rinses clean with no oily residue.

I haven’t tried this product yet but like the primer, the early reviews are great and I’m excited to test it out. Apparently it works well even on oily skin like mine!

julep september box 7
I grabbed Reece as an add-on, it’s a purple with glitter in it (apparently holographic, but I never trust Julep to describe product correctly!) Very sparkly and pretty in person.

I am disappointed in the “bonus” this month. I’ve gotten really great things before and this time it’s just a single use single polish remover pad which apparently isn’t even good enough to do all your nails. That said, I’d still rather get it than something edible like salt water taffy I can’t eat!

Overall, the Julep September Box was great and I’m glad I splurged and went for the full collection. I’ve got a lot of great colours for fall and some apparently really good beauty products to test out! Look for reviews once I’ve gotten myself well-acquainted with them.

Like always, if you are interested in trying Julep you can get one of their Maven Starter Boxes for shipping cost only ($3.99) using the code FREEMAVEN. The boxes contain either product, polishes, or both. If you use my referral link to sign up I will be very grateful! If you don’t cancel, following months are $20. My upgrade to the full collection was an additional $35.

Did you get a Julep September Box? What do you think of its contents?

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