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Julep Priscilla

Julep Priscilla 2I wanted to end Julep July with an extra-special Julep. Julep Priscilla is one of my recent Juleps and one of the ones I was most excited to try out. As you can already tell from the photos– it did not disappoint!

Julep PriscillaJulep Priscilla is from the Birthstone Collection like Julep Betty, but it’s Emerald for May, named after Priscilla Presley. I always think it’s kinda fun when Julep designs a polish with a particular person in mine, and this full-coverage emerald glitter in a green jelly base is really beautiful. It has the same birthstone packaging (fancy cardboard box I recycled, gold cap) and is near-opaque in one coat, but for full coverage I went with two. You could also do one coat over a similar green cream base and I think you’d get a similar effect and possibly easier removal. I went with a special glitter base coat to help me out!

Julep Priscilla 3Julep Priscilla is definitely slightly textured from all the glitter, and it actually kinda reminds me of the Zoya Pixie Dust polishes and would need a generous helping of top coat to smooth it out. I’m not sure how it compares to Julep’s stardust finish, but all I can say is that they definitely need to make more polishes like this. SO PRETTY. I really didn’t want to ever remove this polish, but for the sake of the blog, I did. These are the sacrifices I make.

That’s it for Julep July… next up, Julep August? I still have so many polishes left!

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julep julyThis month, the Canadian Beauty Bloggers are celebrating summer with a month full of Julep nail polish swatches and reviews! Be sure to head over to Chantal’s Corner, Ivory Avenue,, Megan Joy, Scarlet Beauty, Swatch and Review, and Writing Whimsy for full coverage! Join in the fun by sharing your Julep manicures on social media and tagging them with #JulepJuly!

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