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Julep Padma

Julep Padma 3Those who know me, or even just those who visit this blog on occasion, realize I have a particular fondness for purple nail polish. However, that love does discriminate, and I like my purples to be very obviously purple–not so dark you can barely tell–so I wasn’t super excited about Julep Padma when I received here. Julep Padma originally came in the Julep Maven September 2013 box, which I upgraded in order to have ALL the polishes (reviewed here) even though I didn’t end up wearing this one until over six months later… It’s a problem, okay?

Julep PadmaJulep Padma is described as royal plum crème, and although there appears to be shimmer in the bottle, I didn’t find it visible on the nails. In bright lightening, you can still tell that it’s very dark purple and not black, but it’s definitely not the kind of purple I love and in most settings it would be hard to really tell it is purple.

Julep Padma 2The good thing about Julep Padma is that if you like it, it’s nearly opaque in one coat, although I did top up with a second to cover any patches. Obviously the more coats you layer on, the darker the polish appears, so I definitely wouldn’t go with any more than two.

Overall, Julep Padma is a decent polish in a colour I don’t find particularly special but luckily there will always be another purple…

If you’re interested in subscribing to Julep, you can get your first box for free! Click this link and use the code FREEBOX to test it out.

julep julyThis month, the Canadian Beauty Bloggers are celebrating summer with a month full of Julep nail polish swatches and reviews! Be sure to head over to Chantal’s Corner, Ivory Avenue,, Megan Joy, Scarlet Beauty, Swatch and Review, and Writing Whimsy for full coverage! Join in the fun by sharing your Julep manicures on social media and tagging them with #JulepJuly!

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