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Julep Natalia

Julep NataliaJulep Natalia is the first in about a week of polishes I have to share from my latest Julep box, so if you want a sneak peek of what’s coming make sure to check out my post on the Julep Maven June 2014 Collection. My box arrived so late, I almost wasn’t sure if I’d have these polishes in time for Julep July, but luckily I did.

Julep Natalia 3Julep Natalia wasn’t one of the June shades I was most excited about, but I ended up loving it. The formula is great and it is pretty much opaque in one coat but I went with two to cover any patches. It also isn’t streaky despite being a metallic, which is very rare! However it will be obvious if your nails have any damage, so if you have ridges or peeling like I do definitely make sure to use a thicker base coat to help camouflage. I only wore this polish for about 24 hours but there was absolutely no wear in that time frame.

Julep Natalia 4Although it’s described as a copper metallic, to me Julep Natalia is definitely not a copper and is far more rosy pink metallic. Whereas, Julep Jane which I reviewed a couple days ago is described as a rose gold and definitely more of a copper (see that post here). So basically don’t trust Julep’s descriptions and make sure to Google swatches! That said, regardless of what they want to call it, Julep Natalia is a pretty shade I am happy to have in my collection. julep julyThis month, the Canadian Beauty Bloggers are celebrating summer with a month full of Julep nail polish swatches and reviews! Be sure to head over to Chantal’s Corner, Ivory Avenue,, Megan Joy, Scarlet Beauty, Swatch and Review, and Writing Whimsy for full coverage! Join in the fun by sharing your Julep manicures on social media and tagging them with #JulepJuly!

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