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Julep Mystery Box (Sea Salt): Jill, Simone, Vivien, Claudette

julep sea salt mystery box

It always takes me so long to get these Julep boxes posted because I like to wear each of the polishes before I do. To be honest, the boxes are always going to arrive pretty late to me in Canada anyway, so it’s not like I’m sharing anything brand-new content-wise and I think sharing the swatches is more exciting and fun anyway. Plus, this way ensures that I actually wear all the polishes (unless for some reason there’s one I don’t want to).

julep sea salt mystery box 2

So this was my second mystery box, and you can click here to see the contents of my first one, the Spring mystery box, which I posted about last month. The draw of this Sea Salt Mystery box was the fact that it would contain one of three new sea salt (textured) polishes. There was a pink, brown, and black, each with the unique finish.  The bonuses this box included weren’t anything fantastic, flimsy toe separators and another nail file I don’t like.

julep sea salt mystery box 3

In my box I received five polishes, my brown sea salt shade Jill, a shimmery lilac Simone, a brick red Claudette, a glittery gold top coat Vivien, and then Julep’s matte top. I really wish I had received some kind of beauty product but I was mostly happy with my colours. I haven’t tested out the matte top coat because I have an Essie one I like and I can’t remember the last time I wore matte nails anyway. I’m leaving it unopened and may swap it in the future. I did try out all the other polishes though, and I’m excited to share them with you. Sorry for the long post! Four is a lot of colours but I thought I’d keep the box together.

julep jill julep jill 2

Obviously I couldn’t wait to test out the sea salt polish, Jill, which was a nice colour in the bottle, and a cool texture on my nails, but not a flattering shade on me. I did an accent nail with Vivien, a fully-loaded gold glitter with large circles and lots of shimmer that I adore. I thought they looked really great together. I had a lot of fun with the texture of the polish, and it lasted pretty well even though I couldn’t use a top coat on it. I was lucky enough to find somebody to swap Jill with, so that I’ll be getting Sadie, the black sea salt instead, which will be a much better match for me. I’ll be sure to share that one when I wear it.

julep claudette julep claudette

To be honest after wearing Claudette with the Vivien accent on my ring finger for these photos, I decided I didn’t like it and went with solid red for the whole hand. I’m not a huge fan of it in these photos either.

I actually really like the shade of red that Claudette is, so I decided to open it and give it a try even though I own quite a few red polishes and a lot of them look similar to me. Even if red is one of my favourite colours, it’s just not as special when it comes to nail polish. But even on my nails, I really liked Claudette, which is a bit of a brick red to me. It would also be a classy colour for toes. The only problem I had was that it did stain some of my nails a bit, which I’m always surprised by because I wear basecoat. The stain wore off over time, but it’s something to keep in mind when wearing this Julep’s Claudette colour.

julep simone swatch 3julep simone swatch 2

The final polish I tested out from my Sea Salt Mystery Box, Simone, was a lilac shimmer, and obviously the way to my heart is through purple. I delayed testing it out because I had a major index fingernail break and was trying to grow it out a bit first. It’s not great, but I’m still excited to share this polish. Even though I own another lilac, Lilacism by Essie, the blue undertone and shimmer of Julep’s Simone makes this different enough to be a totally valid addition to my polish collection. On my nails, I didn’t see much of the shimmer, but that might be also because it was only cloudy days when I was wearing it. Got to love Coastal cities.

Simone is a great spring/summer colour and probably my favourite from the box, I’ll definitely be reaching for it again soon. I also loved Vivien, and I think it’ll look fantastic over a navy blue, though it’s one I’m less likely to wear until the fall. Even though Jill was a miss, I’m quite excited for Sadie, which I swapped it for. I wasn’t blown away nor was I disappointed by this box, the textured polish is fun and it’s nice to have one trendy new concept polish, even if for sea salt, like crackle, one is all I need.

Overall, the Sea Salt Mystery box was decent. With only five polishes, it’s the lowest possible value for a mystery box (about $70) but it did only cost me $25 so that works out to $5 a bottle, and I can definitely swap the matte top coat if I want to like I did with Jill. It definitely sold me enough that I bought another mystery box afterwards, the Hooray for May one, which I know from spoilers mostly likely comes with 6 polishes, so it may be awhile for me to wear them all but I’ll be sure to post about that one as well.

What do you think about mystery boxes? Would you buy one? Would you wear any of these polishes?

Note: If you are interested in getting polishes from Julep that aren’t a mystery, you can sign up for their monthly box, and if you click here to use my referral link I’ll be very grateful, then enter the code FREEMAVEN to get your first month free. Subsequent months are $20 and there are many different polishes to pick from, or you can skip the month no problem. To view a past monthly Maven Box of mine, click here.

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