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Julep May Maven Box Modern Beauty

Well, this is pretty late! I guess wanting to test out products for my subscription reviews sometimes lead to very delayed posts and I actually considered skipping this altogether but I’m trying to have good habits about reviewing and this was a pretty fun box. Here’s what came in the Julep May Maven Box Modern Beauty.

julep may maven box 1

I have a lot of polish and there wasn’t a specific set for the month of May that I had to have, so I decided to skip out on the polish and go for the Modern Beauty (product only) box instead. I was really interested in all three of the products it contained, and I’m ultimately really happy with my choice.

julep may maven box 2

The Julep May Maven Box Modern Beauty itself had lovely packaging. I had only gotten a “starter” box before (see my review here) so I hadn’t gotten the full Maven experience and I was really impressed. The month had a jazz theme and even the packaging on the items matched it.

julep may maven box 3

Inside the box there was American Beauty Volumizing Mascara, Sugar Smooch Lip Scrub, New York Jazz Trio Lipsticks, and a freebie that included two sets of flower hairpins. The cost of the box was $19.99. If you are interested in signing up for a Maven Box subscription, I’d be incredibly grateful if you used my referral link, and you can get your first month free using the code FREEMAVEN. It does sign you up for a subscription, but you are able to skip months or cancel your subscription if you want. I skipped June’s box for example because the products and colours that month weren’t appealing to me (so at least I’m not behind on that review too!)

julep may maven box 4

The first product in the box was lipscrub, and it was delicious! I had never tried one of these before and I am hooked on every aspect of this one. The packaging is adorable, the scrub itself smells like brown sugar and other yummy goodness, and it is definitely effective at exfoliating your lips. To use the scrub, you rub it over your lips in a circular motion. When you’re done, you pat it away with paper towel. Yum!

julep lipscrub

The second product I was pretty excited about because I was just finishing up a horrible one I had (or at least it had gotten horrible because it had dried up). The Julep American Beauty Volumizing Mascara came in black, which is great given my dark hair. The mascara applicator itself is made of plastic and I hadn’t tried one like that before. I’m not a huge fan of the short, rubberized bristles and I don’t think they do a fantastic job applying the mascara.

julep volumizing mascara

However, I really enjoyed the product itself. The Julep Volumizing Mascara has a lot of little fibers in it to extend your lashes and I had never used a mascara like that before. It is a little more difficult to remove but I really like the effect it gives, even if it might be better with a different brush.

The final product in the Julep May Maven Box Modern Beauty was the New York Jazz Trio Lipsticks. These are miniature lipsticks, which unfortunately wasn’t clear to everyone before they got the box, but I really don’t mind. It’s not like I ever actually finish a lipstick, and the minis are adorable and easy to carry around. There was also a Paris set available in some boxes, and they each came with three colours, including the same bright red.

julep new york trio lipstick swatches

Here are the swatches of the New York Jazz Trio Lipsticks. Left is Lady in Red, a matte crimson lip color that is supposed to be a universally flattering shade but sadly I still didn’t feel like I could pull it off. The middle and right shade are both very sheer and more like a lip balm consistency than a true lipstick. The middle one you can hardly see is Tea for Two, a nude shimmer, and the right one is Satin Doll, a poppy lip sheer.

My Satin Doll lipstick arrived broken but a quick email to Julep and I had a replacement on its way. I have always been really happy with their customer service.

Overall, Julep May Maven Box Modern Beauty was a success for me! With these three products for $20 and bonus hairpins, I definitely feel like I got the full value out of the box and they are all products I will enjoy using, especially the scrub and mascara. I have been very happy with my Julep experience so far, and although I don’t use the subscription every month, I always enjoy it when I do.

What do you think of May’s box? Would you ever sign up for a Julep Maven subscription?

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