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Julep Maven October 2015: Anya, Michaela & Eyeshadow 101 in Orchid Shimmer

Julep Maven October 2015 3So, last month something frustrating happened that turned out to not be as bad as I thought. I didn’t skip my Julep box. With my last month I finished up my “Jules” so I had no more free boxes, and since the Canadian dollar sucks and I have a trillion polishes I had no intention of getting any more. Unfortunately, while I was in Toronto without a computer I missed the window, and my Julep Maven October 2015 box arrived.

Julep Maven October 2015 2The fortunate part about receiving the Julep Maven October 2015 box is that I actually really like what is inside. My automatically selected options included Julep Anya, Julep Michaela and the Julep Eyeshadow 101 in Orchid Shimmer, as part of the Boho Glam profile. The box came packaged in some festive paper with candy corn that included an ingredient list for allergies. Adorable!

Julep Maven October 2015Here is where I would usually talk about why I picked the products I did for my Julep Maven October 2015 Box but the truth is… I didn’t. The Julep boxes always come with a quote card and I thought this Marilyn Monroe one was pretty funny.

Julep Michaela SwatchThe two polishes included in the Julep Maven October 2015 Boho Glam Box are Julep Anya and Julep Michaela, both of which are pretty dark, festive seasonal shades with great formulas. If I had ordered a box, I likely would have ended up with these polishes on my own.

Julep Anya Swatch 2Julep Anya is a dark forest green cream which requires only ONE COAT, although with the bright studio lights I probably should have gone with two, in person it looked perfect. This is a gorgeous fall shade that’s opaque, shiny, and gorgeous. You could even take into December by topping it with some gold glitter for Christmas!

Julep Michaela Swatch 2Julep Michaela is pretty difficult to describe shade, Julep calls it a “blackcurrant microglitter shimmer” and I’ll go with that. It require 2 coats to become opaque, and was a tiny bit thick, but the end result is stunning. I have way too many polishes but this still manages to be a unique shade for me, and I love how it is still definitely purple, with an unusual green iridescence to it, not black like many dark purple shades appear.

Julep Eyeshadow 101 in Orchid Shimmer 2My Julep Maven October 2015 box also included their new Eyeshadow 101 in Orchid Shimmer. I love cream eyeshadows and the crayon format is a great option if you do have long nails, or just don’t like sticking your fingers in pots. It has the cream shadow stick on one end a sponge on the other. You can use the sponge to blend out the shadow, and that’s what I did in the swatch below, but I think I prefer a brush or fingers.  I did have an issue with the packaging because the shadow just sorta “jumped” out of the tube the second time I used it, but I have contacted Julep about it. Julep Eyeshadow 101 in Orchid Shimmer SwatchThe Julep Eyeshadow 101 in Orchid Shimmer is a really pretty bronzey purple shade that is quite creamy and opaque. I really like this shade! However this product definitely needs a primer, and maybe even a shadow to set it, because it creased horribly quite soon after I applied it and faded pretty quickly. I think the super creamy consistency means it never quite ‘sets’ on its own. It’s a gorgeous shade though, so I will be trying it out with primer and hopefully have better luck!

Julep Anya SwatchEven though my Julep Maven October 2015 box was an accident that was definitely not in the budget, I still quite enjoyed its contents. I will be making it a point to keep skipping, because $20 US is a lot right now, but I will also get a lot of use out of these new polishes and shadow. I especially love Julep Michaela, such a gorgeous and unique shade!

Have you ever missed out on skipping a subscription box? Did you end up not as annoyed as you thought you would be?

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