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Julep Maven February 2015 Boho Glam

Julep Maven February 2015 Boho Glam 9It feels like it’s been longer, but apparently I actually took my last Julep box in November. I still have one or two more left in my subscription, but after that it almost definitely be over. I have had some frustrating experiences with the brand over the past few months, and with the Canadian dollar sinking, and the way too many polishes I own, I don’t know if they could convince me to stay.

Julep Maven February 2015 Boho Glam 8While I’m not sure what my future with Julep looks like, for now, at least, I have the Julep Maven February 2015 Boho Glam Box–which I was actually pretty excited about. I would have been less excited if I’d known about the double-charging issue I’d have (it’s been fixed) but now the box is here and I just get to enjoy the contents!

Julep Maven February 2015 Boho Glam 7Wrapped with silver tissue and that annoying crinkle paper in purple, the Julep Maven February 2015 Boho Glam contains two polishes (Hazel and Brandis) along with the new highlighter from the brand. There was also a free gift in February, which was a very festive polish, Julep Hartleigh.

Julep Maven February 2015 Boho GlamWhen I first saw the Julep Afterglow Collection there were only a few polishes I wanted, so when two of those ended up in the Julep Maven February 2015 Boho Glam Box, and I had heard good things about the brand’s blushes and bronzers, so I was optimistic about the highlighter, I decided to get it.

Julep Maven February 2015 Boho Glam 5Julep Maven February 2015 Boho Glam Box contains Julep Brandis, which is a turquoise cream polish that I definitely have similar ones to in my collection but I just love. It also contains Julep Hazel, a distinctly not hazel polish I definitely had to try and swatch.

Julep Hazel 3 Julep Hazel Julep Hazel 2I wore two coats of Julep Hazel, which is a bright purple shade with some copper duochrome to it. The duochrome only really shows up in the bottle in my photos– but in the right lighting, you can see it in person. That said, it’s definitely not the most obvious duochrome, but despite the slight streakiness of the metallic finish, I do think Julep Hazel is a really pretty polish. I can’t resist my purples!

Julep Maven February 2015 Boho Glam 6The bonus gift in all Julep February 2015 Boxes was Julep Hartleigh. Some Mavens even got five bottles so they could share! I just got one of this really pretty, perfect for Valentine’s day, heart glitter top coat. I was actually really happy because my Julep Maven February 2015 Boho Glam box actually arrived before Valentine’s Day, even in the middle of nowhere Canada. That said, I didn’t actually wear the polish for the holiday, but it’s so cute, I won’t let that stop me from trying Julep Hartleigh out in the near future (probably over black!)

Julep Maven February 2015 Boho Glam 4Finally, the Julep Maven February 2015 Boho Glam box came with the Julep Glow Highlighting Powder. I was instantly surprised when I got this product because of how large it is! In general, Julep makes small products. The polishes are half the size of most, their lipsticks were mini, and usually everyone complains about how small a product is versus how big they expected it to be. That is definitely not the case with this highlighter! It comes in a matte black compact and contains 12 grams of product, which will last a very long time and is actually bigger than their blushes! Julep Maven February 2015 Boho Glam 3 Julep Glow Highlighting Powder is in the shade Champagne and has a soft formula with a lot of shimmer. Like, a lot of shimmer. However, it’s not SPARKLE, or chunky, so the end result is really pretty, but it definitely needs to be applied with a careful hand, and I will be using a fan brush with mine (I have a lovely one from Lise Watier).

Julep Maven February 2015 Boho Glam 2Am I happy with my Julep Maven February 2015 Boho Glam Box? Absolutely. Has it swayed me over into staying subscribed in the future? Probably not. Julep is a great subscription if you are starting out with polish, and I’ve also been quite happy with the quality of their makeup, but this year my goal is to downsize, and focus on using what I have. Add in a few other issues I’ve had, and I will have fun picking out my last two boxes, but then it will probably be goodbye.

However, if you are interested in trying out Julep, I’d love if you used my link to subscribe! What do you think of the Julep Maven February 2015 Boho Glam Box? Thoughts on Julep Hazel?

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