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Julep Maven August 2015: Laure, Mari & Sophia + Skip The Brush Peony Pink Swatches

Julep Maven August 2015 5I was actually a little sad when it came time to select my Julep Maven August 2015 box, because I looked at the polishes, and I realized I really wanted them. This was a sad realization because I had actually acquired enough points to get one more free box and that was it.

With the US/Canada currency exchange, Julep boxes are getting quite pricey, and I have a ton of polish, so this will likely be my last unboxing post for the foreseeable future. I do still have plenty of polishes from the brand I haven’t shared yet, so you may still see those swatched, and you can check out my many previous Julep reviews here. Julep Maven August 2015 4Since it was going to be my last box for awhile, I made my Julep Maven August 2015 box a good one. I selected the Bombshell option which came with two polishes (Mari and Sophia) as well as the new stick, cream blush in your choice of 4 shades (I love that Julep lets you pick now!). I also used the rest of my points add on Julep Laure, because I couldn’t resist.

Julep Maven August 2015 3My Julep Maven August 2015 box came in some adorable packaging, including blue “paper worms” and chevron tissue paper. Everything I ordered was safely packaged together in their signature purple box. It also included several cards, such as the usual quote, and a little poem/description of their #bravepretty campaign about pretty being whatever you want.

Julep Maven August 2015 2In addition to the Laure, Mari, and Sophia polishes I ordered and the Julep Skip the Brush cream blush in Peony Pink, the Julep Maven August 2015 box included some on-trend metallic temporary tattoos. The Julep boxes always come with some kind of extra, often candy, so I thought this was pretty cool one. The mini tattoos are perfect for decorating your fingers/hands and complimenting the polish. I’m not convinced I’ll actually use them, but they are nice!

Julep LaureThe box that appealed to me the most from the Julep Maven August 2015 lineup was definitely the Bombshell option with Mari and Sophia polishes, but as I said, I couldn’t resist adding on the “Wonder Maven” Julep Laure. I’ve swatched all three shades below.

Julep Laure Swatch Julep Laure Swatch 2Julep Laure is a fiery red-orange  with a stardust finish that instantly caught my attention and I had to add it to my Julep Maven August 2015 box. Unfortunately, this polish is quite thick and so while it only needed 2 coats for opacity, it takes quite awhile to dry.

Julep Laure is not quite as textured as I remember stardust polishes being, it mostly feels a little grainy. However, it does look really pretty in the sun (check it out here), but I was somewhat disappointing considering how excited I was for this polish.

Julep Mari Swatch Julep Mari Swatch 2Julep Mari is a peony, linear holographic polish that is absolutely flawless. It takes only one coat for full opacity, and it has a smooth, gorgeous formula. Julep doesn’t often do holographic polishes, but I’ve reviewed one of theirs (Julep Rebel) before, and similar to Julep Mari it doesn’t have the strongest holographic finish.

You can see Julep Mari in natural light here, but so the holo is quite subtle although it is brighter in the sun. Still, I really love this polish and it was my favourite from my Julep Maven August 2015 box!

Julep Sophia Swatch 2 Julep Sophia SwatchJulep Sophia is a vibrant cobalt blue creme. It’s actually kinda a darker, less dusty version of Julep Isabela, which I received in my Julep Maven June 2015 box. It’s also quite similar to a few other polishes I have like essie Butler Please–so even though it looked nice, I wasn’t as excited about it as the other two polish.

Once I applied Julep Sophia I was totally won over. It took 2 coats and it had a opaque, super glossy finish. It’s the kind of polish that I find bright and happy so I’m glad I ended up with it in my Julep Maven August 2015 box!

Julep Skip The Brush in Peony Pink 2In addition to polishes, Julep has expanded to quite a makeup range, and although not all the products are great, I can never resist a cream blush. For the Julep Maven August 2015 collection, they launched four shades of Julep Skip the Brush, a cream blush/bronzer in a stick format that’s easy to apply and blend with your fingers.

I love cream blush so I picked the Julep Skip the Brush in Peony Pink, a medium pink with a very shimmery finish.

Julep Skip The Brush in Peony PinkI applied Julep Skip the Brush in Peony Pink, directly to my cheeks and blended in with my fingers, since it does promise to skip the brush in the name. However, if you are less a fan of finger makeup, I also tried it by using a brush on the stick, and it applied great that way as well.

Although a cream product, Julep Skip the Brush does blend out to a slightly powder but glowy finish. Still, this shade is so shimmery that I would probably skip highlighter when wearing it. The wear is definitely a cream product wear (about 6 hours). Overall, it’s a pretty nice product and I would definitely be interested in a highlighter shade.

Julep SophiaThat’s it for my Julep Maven August 2015 box! Quite a long post because I wanted to review all the products, but if I “save them for later” that often never happens. For what may be my last Julep box, I’m happy to end on this note, and if I’m back with another review next month, I guess I got tempted!

Did you pick up anything from the Julep Maven August 2015 Collection? Are you tempted now? If you want to sign up for a subscription, you can use my referral link for a free first box!

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