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Julep Lauren Swatch and Review

Does this pink polish look familiar? It’s Julep Lauren, and it’s in my Project Pan (you can check out the rest of the items here). Also these photos are super old, so look how long and gorgeous my nails are. I kinda forgot I could grow them like that because I definitely don’t feel like I can at the moment. Maybe again someday… For now, some pretty swatches.

Julep Lauren Swatch 2

If you’ve been subscribed to my blog a long time, you might actually remember Julep Lauren from another post as well, because back in April when I got her in a Julep Mystery Box I swatched her as well (here). At the time I was frustrated because even with 3 coats you can still see visible nail line (VNL).

Julep Lauren Swatch

After being frustrated with VNL before, this time, I solved that with glitter on the tips and was much happier. At the time, my swatches showed Julep Lauren over white, and this time it’s just three coats on her own, which is partially why I decided to share again.

Julep Lauren Swatch 5

I guess, thinking that is a pretty colour, you might wonder why she is in my Project Pan at all, and it’s because the Julep polish bottles are tiny and having already used Julep Lauren three times I can definitely see a dent. Plus it’s a pretty bright shade and if I do this same look with my Project Pan glitters, I can help to use those up as well.

Julep Lauren Swatch 6

The glitter I used in this post on top of Julep Lauren was LA Colors Fame, which made it into my July empties (here) when I originally did this manicure, before I got a professional manicure done and she totally trashed my nails. Just taking a moment to appreciate how pretty they used to be.

Julep Lauren Swatch 4

Anyway, even though I am a fan of Julep Lauren, my dislike of sheer jelly polishes means I definitely won’t be seeking this out again after I finish it. I have a few gorgeous bright pinks, and I just prefer the creme formula. I will say that I am hoping to try out a jelly sandwich using this polish– so it might show up on my blog again. LA Colors Flame is a pretty jewel-toned glitter that I may or may not have purchased in a full size (how bad is it that I can’t remember?) because I hate mini bottles but I do like LA Colors a lot, extremely affordable and good quality.

Julep Lauren Swatch 3Okay well that’s Julep Lauren. It was kinda fun finding some photos I never posted and finally sharing them. I was saving these for a “Julep Month” but that hasn’t happened and I’m not sure I’m organized enough that it ever will. So instead you get Julep Lauren now, and maybe more later.

How do you feel about jelly polishes? Any tips on getting my nails to stop peeling and cracking in the winter? I am trying to be consistent with the cuticle oil again, as I do find that really helps.

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