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Julep Jewel Heist Mystery Box

Julep Jewel Heist Mystery Box 4Yesterday I shared a little post for the Julep Trick & Treat Mystery Box Promo Code, so I figured today was a good time to share what it was I got in my last mystery box from the brand! I own a lot of Julep polishes so I generally resist their mystery box offerings because I’m likely to get duplicates, but I had a good promo code for the Julep Jewel Heist Mystery Box so I could not resist!

Julep Jewel Heist Mystery BoxJulep Jewel Heist Mystery Box cost $24.99 and promised over $100 in product. I used a promo code to get $10 off which meant I only paid $14.99 for it! So with that in mind, I figured I’d at least get $15 worth of product I liked. I was right, although I don’t love or need everything in the box, I definitely got my money’s worth.

Julep Jewel Heist Mystery Box 3Funny enough there’s actually only one polish in the Julep Jewel Heist Mystery Box, which is Julep Alma, a mustard yellow shade that’s the kind of ugly polish I adore. I like it so much I already have it! I’m not sure I’ll ever finish a bottle of this particular shade, so this will go up for swap/to a new home hopefully.

There’s also a makeup brush that detaches into two brushes, and has really soft and dense bristles. I haven’t used it yet but I do like it so far!

I don’t see myself getting any use out of the Boho Glam Lengthening Mascara which is a brown shade, but I do know somebody who uses brown mascara and will probably like it!

There’s also a gel eyeliner, which I think I read good reviews of when it was originally released, so even though I don’t usually use eyeliner perhaps I will give this one a try.

It’s a weird time of year to get blotting sheets, but it’s not like I really use them during the summer either…Maybe I will eventually use up all of the ones I have. Or start using them as tissue paper to wrap gifts.

Finally, the product I was most excited about in the Julep Jewel Heist Mystery Box was the Julep Mask Noir, a black peel-off face mask that has conflicting reviews but sounds strange and appealing to me anyway. Plus I really love peel-off masks, so I will definitely be giving this a try in the future.

Julep Jewel Heist Mystery Box 2Was I blown away by the Julep Jewel Heist Mystery Box? No. But for $15, I got enough things I will use (make up brush and mask) plus some nice things to giveaway, that I have no complaints. This mystery box is no longer for sale, but if you’re interested in grabbing one for only $20 check out my Julep Trick & Treat Mystery Box Promo Code post. Have you ever tried a Julep mystery box before? What do you think of this one?

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