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Julep Golden Mystery Box Review

I’m pretty sure I said no more mystery boxes but… whoops? The Julep Golden Mystery Box was available in the Secret Store for August, and cost $30. However there was a 30% off promo code going around so that made it only $22 and I was no longer able to resist. Plus it was somehow available even if you skipped August’s box like I did.

I should have said no, but a golden mystery box? It just sounded so awesome, and it had been months since I got a mystery box (I’m pretty sure I didn’t even post my last one though, whoops! But you can check out my Julep Sea Salt Mystery Box here, and my Julep Spring Mystery Box here.)  Of course that also means I’ve had lots of time to get more Juleps and the chances of having dupes was getting pretty high!

But like I said, golden.

julep golden mystery box 1
The box (colour) was exactly as promised… but what about the contents? I admit that I saw spoilers before getting my box because of incredibly slow Canadian shipping. There were 3 small versions of the box, and a 4th one that contained the polishes from all 3 boxes (12 total) along with the products. Unfortunately even though I knew I wasn’t getting dupes (click here to see all my Julep reviews so far), there was also only one version of the Julep Golden Mystery Box that I really wanted. So I was pretty nervous when I opened it up…

julep golden mystery box 2

The box was well wrapped like always, but I was only concerned about one thing– what was inside!

Julep polish is normally pretty expensive ($14, or $11.20 if you’re a Maven) and the bottles are only 8 mL, so a mystery box is a great way to get a higher value product for a good price. The Julep Golden Mystery Box promised a value between $100-$200 in product.

I also have a Julep Maven subscription that gives you 2 polishes and a beauty product, or 2 beauty products, or 3 polishes, each month for $20 including shipping. If you’re interested in testing out the Maven program they will send you your first box for free (you have to call and cancel afterwards if you don’t want to continue) all you have to do is pay $3.99 shipping. This is my referral code if you’re interested, and use the coupon code FREEBOX

julep golden mystery box 3

I was so happy when I opened my Julep Golden Mystery Box– I had version 1, the one I really wanted (well the big box would always be nice, but I haven’t gotten one yet and don’t hold my breath for it!). My Julep Golden Mystery Box included:

  • Nan
  • Jane
  • Anne (I really really wanted this bright purple! It’s much brighter than it looks in the photo)
  • Maria (This is going up for swap)
  • Belina earrings (Can’t wear these but was lucky enough to swap them for a polish I like!)
  • SPF 30 hand cream (Not interested in this and hoping to swap)
  • Oxygen Nail Treatment
  • 3 pieces of saltwater taffy  (clearly left over from June’s box)

I’ve decided not to swatch all my polishes this time like with previous mystery boxes, it makes the posts huge and means that I get them up super late. I will say I look forward to wearing all these colours (except Maria, sorry metallics) and you will see them on Writing Whimsy in the future. I’m actually thinking of doing a Julep only month since I have so many to share.

The Julep Golden Mystery Box  barely makes the $100 cut, and I don’t think it does at all if you consider the Maven prices (which you’d have to, considering this was a Secret Store offering) and the fact that some of the products are currently on sale. But I don’t really mind, for $22 I’m happy with what I got although I wish it had been a product besides hand cream, hopefully I’ll be able to swap mine.

What do you think of the Julep Golden Mystery Box? Have you tried out any of their mystery boxes before?

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