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Julep Galaxy Mystery Box With a $5 Off Coupon

The Julep Galaxy Mystery Box is a brand new box from Julep available in three different sizes.  I’ve ordered quite a few of these before and you can check them out my reviews of them here. Also if you’re interested in giving Julep a try, please use my referral link and the code FREEMAVEN to try an intro box for shipping cost only (about $3!)

There are 3 levels of the Julep Galaxy Mystery Box include a more affordable one than usual, and I have a link to a promo code that will allow you to save $5 off your purchase of $20 or more, making these boxes an even better deal. The two bigger boxes both include a new, exclusive polish from Julep called Estelle.


Estelle is described as “a new black holographic glitter” although I don’t trust Julep when it comes to calling something a holo. It does appear to be a really pretty black polish with multicolor glitter in though, and I am definitely tempted.

The boxes available are:

The Pluto Box ($19.99– promo code doesn’t work unless you order at least 1 cent more of product on the Julep website) which contains $50+ worth of product. Does NOT include Estelle.

The Cosmic Box ($24.99, includes Estelle) which contains $70+ worth of product.

The Supernova Box ($39.99, includes Estelle) which contains $120+ worth of product.

And now for the promo code! This is still working as of me posting this, but I don’t know when it expires or if it will stop functioning, so don’t delay if you’re interested 🙂 It works on orders $20 an higher! The code is BG74L8U.

Are you interested in the Julep Galaxy Mystery Box? Or sick of mystery boxes altogether? Let me know if you decide to pick one up!

p.s. Don’t forget when purchasing from Julep to use Ebates for an additional 4% cash back– that’s $1.40 extra if you buy the big box and use the promo code to get it for $35! That would bring the total cost of the $40 box down to about $33.60, not bad for at least $120 worth of product. Here’s my link if you haven’t signed up yet and my email is

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