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Julep Colette

Julep Colette 3I really adore my purple polish and I’m sure it’s the shade I have the most of in my collection, so when the Julep Maven June Collection arrived, my eye went immediately to Julep Colette. Julep Colette has the lovingly vague description “poetic violet shimmer” and although it is a purple with a very slight touch of shimmer, that is overpowered by the frost and silver. I also think this isn’t bright enough to be violet, and is much more cool-toned.

Julep ColetteOn the nails the frost aspect of Julep Colette is overwhelming, but it still detracts from my infinite purple love resulting in a polish I may end up rehoming. I prefer my colours a bit more crisp and there’s something a bit muddled about this shade with its undecided finish.

Julep Colette 2Julep Colette has a very thick formula, however that does mean it is opaque and these swatches are only one coat, which is awesome. I’m willing to give up a little on formula if the end result saves me time, and despite the thickness this polish dries very quickly. Overall, I was very happy with the opacity of Julep Colette, while still undecided about the polish. There are just so many perfect purples out there for me, why wear one that is just okay?

If you’re interested in subscribing to Julep, you can get your first box for free! Click this link and use the code FREEBOX to test it out.

julep julyThis month, the Canadian Beauty Bloggers are celebrating summer with a month full of Julep nail polish swatches and reviews! Be sure to head over to Chantal’s Corner, Ivory Avenue,, Megan Joy, Scarlet Beauty, Swatch and Review, and Writing Whimsy for full coverage! Join in the fun by sharing your Julep manicures on social media and tagging them with #JulepJuly!

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