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Julep Betty

Julep BettyJulep Betty is the first in the yearly collection of Birthstone polishes Julep has been doing– so yeah, that means it’s Garnet for January. It’s a full coverage glitter (and they’re not lying!) named after Betty White, born January 17th. Julep has been releasing these polishes monthly, but there’s only been a couple I have really wanted, because they, like Betty, are full coverage.

Julep Betty 3The first thing about Julep Betty that is special is the gold cap, and even the cardboard packaging it comes in identifies it as a Birthstone Polish. However, what makes it really special is how pretty it looks on the nails. Julep Betty is a gorgeous mix pink and purple-ish glitter the dries to a slightly gritty finish and really shines when you use a top coat. I didn’t use one for these photos, but afterwards I added two layers of top coat for a glossy finish.

Julep Betty 2The formula of Julep Betty is quite thick, and it does need two coats, but I would make sure to give it a bit of time to dry between layers so that it does move the first layer of polish around as it doesn’t dry that quickly. Still, the end result is really pretty, and although I used a special glitter polish base so the removal was easy, it would likely remove like the glitter polish it is if you didn’t. I do wish all the birthstone polishes were this pretty though, but the next one I grabbed wasn’t until May.

If you’re interested in subscribing to Julep, you can get your first box for free! Click this link and use the code FREEBOX to test it out.

julep julyThis month, the Canadian Beauty Bloggers are celebrating summer with a month full of Julep nail polish swatches and reviews! Be sure to head over to Chantal’s Corner, Ivory Avenue,, Megan Joy, Scarlet Beauty, Swatch and Review, and Writing Whimsy for full coverage! Join in the fun by sharing your Julep manicures on social media and tagging them with #JulepJuly!

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