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Julep Annie Swatches and Review

Well, sorry for what feels like a mini-hiatus but was really just a few days. It’s just that the days have been so crazy I haven’t had time to read my subs even. I’m still going to try to leave comments but I’m wanting to catch up quickly so I don’t get too behind. In the meantime, here’s one of my favourite summer polishes, Julep Annie. It seems relevant considering the ridiculous heat we’ve been having!
julep annie swatch 3
Julep Annie is from the Trina Turk Fall 2012 collection, but I picked it up for free with a coupon code when I ordered a mystery box awhile ago. The mystery box, which I still haven’t shared–but hey, it may show up at some point?–was a real bust and likely the last one I’ll order from Julep. Annie on the other hand (or rather, on both hands! Ha-ha) was perfect.

julep annie swatch 1
Julep Annie is a bright blue (or “electric topaz”) creme that’s applies evenly and is opaque in two beautiful coats. I actually probably could have gotten away with one, but I did two anyway.  But mostly, I find this polish so cheerful though. I find painting my nails calming and it’s even better when I get to do it with a colour that make me smile. Julep Annie is one of those colours.

julep annie swatch 2
It’s not incredibly exciting in that there are a ton of dupes out there, and they are all probably just as good as Julep Annie, but this is the one I own and I really like it.

julep annie swatch 4
Julep Annie is one of those colours I have been thinking of wearing again ever since I took it off. That’s nice nail polish.

Have you tried Julep Annie (or one of the many similar shades)? What do you think of this blue polish? You won’t break my heart (much) if you don’t love it like I do!

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