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JORD Fieldcrest in Maple Wood Watch

JORD Fieldcrest in Maple Wood Watch 3For past month or so, there’s been one product I’ve been consistently complimented on whenever I wear it, and that’s the gorgeous JORD Fieldcrest in Maple Wood Watch* I’m sharing with you today.
JORD Fieldcrest in Maple Wood Watch 5JORD Wood Watches are hand-crafted and arrive in their own special wooden box to store them, along with an embroidered cushion and cleaning cloth. There both different styles and different materials available, but I went with ones, the JORD Fieldcrest in Maple. I picked the Maple because I loved the look of the light wood, but it was a close decision because they have some gorgeous Cherry options too!

JORD Fieldcrest in Maple Wood Watch 7 The JORD Fieldcrest in Maple has a scratch-resistant mineral glass front and indicators for each hour. I admit it has taken me awhile to get used to telling time this way again, but it looks so sleek and classy. I love that you can wear JORD watches with a pair of jeans, or a formal outfit, and they will never look out of place.

JORD Fieldcrest in Maple Wood Watch 4The back of the JORD watch is engraved, but probably my favourite feature about the watch is the hidden clasp. You press on the sides and it can “open” from both directions, revealing the metal clasp. It then flips back over itself to hide the metal while you’re wearing it! It’s so clever and it means there’s no ugly closure no matter which way you look at it.

JORD Fieldcrest in Maple Wood Watch 8 If you are ordering a JORD Wood Watch, you can have it sized for you for another $10 by measuring your wrist and sending in the measurement. I took advantage of this feature and it came back perfect, but they do send along a few extra links in case you need to readjust. You can also take it to your local watch shop for sizing.

JORD Fieldcrest in Maple Wood Watch 9The JORD Fieldcrest in Maple is splash-proof but not waterproof. I’ve been wearing it for over a month and have no issues or damage when washing my hands, but I obviously take it off when showering. The thing that surprised me the most about this watch is how light it is! It’s slightly larger on my wrist, but it doesn’t feel bulky or heavy, because it weighs pretty much nothing.

JORD Fieldcrest in Maple Wood Watch 6With holiday season approaching, I really think that the JORD Wood Watches make an amazing gift because it is a gorgeous, unique, and handcrafted item. I even got complimented on my JORD Fieldcrest in Maple when I was in Fossil, another watch store! The watch I’m sharing is actually the most affordable one JORD offers at only $120, and the quality is amazing. This is definitely a piece I will be wearing for years! If you’re thinking of shopping, JORD offers free shipping worldwide.

JORD Fieldcrest in Maple Wood WatchI really love my JORD Fieldcrest in Maple and I definitely have my eye on their gorgeous Cora Series watches as well, there’s a stunning Koa & Rose Gold option! What do you think of my new watch?

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