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January 2015 Empties

January 2015 Empties 6I was actually really impressed with how many products I had in my December Empties despite being away for half the month, so I was especially motivated to continue on in 2015. I missed the first week of January while in Peru, so I’m really happy with the amount of products I have for my January 2015 Empties! There were a few things (mainly haircare and skincare) that I had been working on finishing for what felt like ages, so it was really satisfying to get those final uses out of them.

January 2015 Empties 4I grabbed the LaCoupe Moisture Deep Conditioning Masque on clearance at my grocery store one time and I was actually really impressed with it, it did a fantastic job on my hair and I am sad to say goodbye! I have quite a few hair masks though and no need to repurchase.

I rehomed the matching blow dry spray since I don’t own a blow dryer, but I did hold onto to the Nexxus Youth Renewal Rejuvenating Elixir* which did help add some extra shine to my hair. However, the initially appealing dropper-style packaging ended up being quite annoying at the end when I had to turn it upside down to try to get the rest out.

The Lush Okra Conditioner was a “retro” item only available online that I picked up last year and it was just about to reach its expiration date. I actually really liked this conditioner, although the consistency was a bit thin it still did a fantastic job moisturizing my hair. However since retro items are discontinued, there’s no chance of repurchase here.

To go along with Okra, I used the Lush Blousey Shampoo*. I had finished a tub of this before but it had been recalled and wasn’t the right consistency, so I much preferred this one, which was really nice on my hair and also helped keep my scalp from being quite as dry as usual.

The final haircare product was the TRESemme Keratin Smooth 7 Day Smooth Heat-Activated Treatment*, which I definitely preferred to the shampoo and conditioner. It had a nice effect on my hair when I used a straightener afterwards, but I have a big bottle of heat protectant to use up before I reconsider buying anything like this.

January 2015 Empties 3I adore The Body Shop Satsuma Body Butter which is why I picked up this jumbo tub of it way back in June 2013 (yikes!) and I made it my post-shower body lotion for the last couple months to finally use it up. I still have a tiny container of it, I would definitely continue to buy body butters in the future, but after that I’ll be onto other scents (like Glazed Apple…)

The Simple Refreshing Facial Wash Gel* was the face wash that wouldn’t die. I seriously feel like I have been using this since my original review last March and it’s only now finally gone. It was effective enough in the shower, but too drying for me, and there are other options I much prefer.

It’s hilarious that last year’s Lush Rose Jam Shower Gel* is only making it into my January 2015 Empties because I absolutely adore this product, but that just shows how overloaded with body washes I am… I am making a real effort to focus on using up Lush products because they expire, and I have a jumbo container of this that will not make the deadline (but I will keep using it anyway). I would definitely recommend this scent and pick it up again once my shower gel situation is more under control…

Bliss Soapy Suds in Lemon + Sage* was a little mini from a stocking stuffer duo, which I loved the scent of, plus it was fun to be able to finish up something, even if it was tiny.

Secret Clinical Completely Clean was an antiperspirant I brought to Peru with me, and I really like it. I keep trying to use natural deodorants and I have been having a horrible time with them lately. So yeah. I love this.

I just adore the Bath and Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel Triple Moisture Body Cream, and I even featured it in multiple favourites posts, I just took forever to actually use it up. And now I have another tube. Whoops! This smells amazing and is super lovely on the skin too.

I know there’s a lot of hype surrounding the Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment, so when I got a free sample with a Sephora order I was pretty skeptical. But actually? I loved it. I do have a pretty big collection of face masks at the moment and this one is quite expensive (and apparently can dry out) but yeah, I’m a convert.

My second and final package of the Ole Henriksen The Clean Truth Cleansing Cloths, these ones I got as a part of a Black Friday order and took with me to Peru. Most of the time I used them I actually didn’t have makeup on, but during a 4 day hike with no showers they were super refreshing and lovely. Would absolutely repurchase if they were cheaper, but maybe I’ll get them in another set in the future. They are effective but I think it is mainly a scent thing…

January 2015 EmptiesIt’s always really satisfying to finish up a nail polish, even if it’s a little one like HITS Poseidon. This was a gorgeous holographic blue I got in a swap but the brand is hard to get in Canada and I have 9043284903 polishes so…onto other things.

I also used up the little Bright & Pure C Serum* from my Memebox Thanksgiving Box Collection #1 For Me, and although I appreciate the benefits of using a Vitamin C serum (brighter, nicer skin) and this packaging was quite cute, it’s actually really expensive so I will stick to other options. I also found it a bit sticky on my skin.

Finishing up a fragrance and lip product are also big landmarks for me, even if the Fruits & Passion Blue was a rollerball. I really love this scent and included in my Scents for Summer Suggestions. I also used up yet another of my many Kona Kare Lip Butter Balms, this time in the flavour The Original. I’m not sure if I have any more of these left, but I’m using other options at the moment anyway.

January 2015 Empties 5Tea-wise I continued to do pretty well with my January 2015 Empties. I finished up Tesco’s Finest Forest Fruits Tea which I had brought back from the UK last year and it was really yummy, and had lovely pyramid bags despite being pre-packaged. So did the Teatulia Black Tea* which came as a part of my Tea Box Express, and was really nice with some honey even though I generally don’t drink plain black tea.

I am SO sad to say goodbye to DAVIDsTEA in Sweet Apple Cider* from the Fall Collection and really wish I had purchased more. I really hope they bring this flavour back, it’s delicious.

I had two single use samples of Steeped Tea in After Eight and Lemolicious from my friend Ambur, and although I’m not a chocolate mint fan, I remember Lemolicious being quite good!

I also used up a few more from my advent calender with DAVIDsTEA in Apple Custard, Coco Chai Rooibos, Creme Caramel Rooibos, Read My Lips and Kokomo Green. Definitely my favourite was Apple Custard which was quite yummy as a latte so I ended up buying more. I did not like Coco Chai or Kokomo Green, and the other two I already own in a larger format and they are good but not my absolutely favourites.

January 2015 Empties 2Finally, my January 2015 Empties include two candles! Especially after picking up a few more in a recent haul, I need to work on burning the candles I have, so I’m hoping to have at least 2 or 3 in each empties post. This month I finished the Bath and Body Works Cinnamon Caramel Swirl Candle, which was a Christmas gift that really had great scent throw and smelled yummy, I would definitely pick this one up next year (or hope I am gifted it again!) The second candle was also a gift, albeit a much older from, which my friend Laala sent me one of her favourite candles which is the Bath and Body Works Autumn Candle, which is a great scent although I admit I still prefer Leaves!

Well, writing these posts always takes forever and the January 2015 Empties were no exception, but how did I do? There are 17 beauty empties, plus tea and candles (12) for a total of 29 products used up! Not bad. But hopefully I can beat it in February…

What did you use up last month?

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