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Jamberry Nails Hint of Mint and Matte Finish Top Coat

Jamberry Nails is a brand best known for their nail wraps/stickers, and I actually shared a set in the design Twitterpated back in February. However, the brand recently came out with their first polishes including several shades for spring, and I have the Jamberry Nails Hint of Mint* and Matte Finish Top Coat* to share with you.
Jamberry Nails Hint of Mint and Matte Finish Top Coat 3Yesterday I shared my Easter Pastels with Essie, and today I have a gorgeous rich mint shade from another brand, Jamberry Nails Hint of Mint*. At first I had a tiny bit of difficulty with this formula because the first coat and second coat left it a bit streaky and sheer. However, a thick third coat was exactly what it needed to get the perfect coverage you see in the photos, and you could definitely get away with two thick ones instead.

Jamberry Nails Hint of Mint and Matte Finish Top Coat 2Jamberry Nails Hint of Mint had a short dry time and the end result is very shiny, I’m not even wearing a top coat and my nails were trying to reflect the camera. In terms of the bottle shape, Jamberry Nails polishes have a big cap that is a bit difficult to hold if you’re not used to it. However the brush is absolutely perfect and gives me great coverage of my nails in 1-2 strokes which I love.

Jamberry Nails Hint of Mint and Matte Finish Top CoatIn addition to their spring colours, there is also a Jamberry Nails Matte Finish Top Coat which I used on top of Jamberry Nails Hint of Mint. I don’t often reach for matte top coats but I thought this one did a great job. In one coat it leaves the polish quite matte, giving it a totally different look. I still prefer the polish glossy, but this is a great matte top coat if you are looking for one.

Jamberry Nails Matte Finish Top CoatOverall, I’m really happy Jamberry decided to expand into polish as well. Although I’ll wear appliques sometimes, I wear polish daily and I know I’ll be getting a lot of use out Jamberry Nails Hint of Mint this summer. I’m also wanting to try out some more matte looks using the Jamberry Nails Matte Finish Top Coat since I have a few ideas. If you’re interested in checking out Jamberry Nails you buy directly from a consultant, and I recommend Alicia who is very lovely and sent me these polishes to review! You can also check out a cute nail look featuring a few more Jamberry polishes on her blog.

What shade of polish do you love for spring? Mint is one of my favourites!

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