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International Products Worth Shipping to Canada with Trysh

Yay! I wrangled another beauty blogger into a return guest posting this year! Last year Trysh from Prairie Beauty Love shared her Top 5 Favorite NYX Products and this year she’s back with her top international products. I am always being enabled by budget-friendly international beauty on Trysh’s blog so I am really excited she agreed to round up her top picks for me!

Hey, everyone! This is Trysh from Prairie Beauty Love and I’m excited to be guest posting here on Zoe’s blog while she’s having an amazing vacation somewhere a lot warmer than where I am! For a lot of us Canadian beauty lovers, the cost of shipping is definitely what holds us back from trying out some of the exciting things we see online, so I decided (with Zoe’s help!) to write about some of the products in my collection that I think are worth the cost of shipping them! A bonus about all of these products is that they’re all really affordable, which I think also helps to justify the cost of shipping. So let’s get started!



This affordable brand is based in the UK and has been popping up more and more in the online beauty space, so last year I decided to do a haul and try out some of their products. For me, the biggest winners are definitely their powder products, specifically their eyeshadow palettes. For me, the one I reach for the most is the I Makeup Death By Chocolate Palette, which retails for about $16 CAD. This is a really solid palette with beautiful cool toned neutrals that lean a little bit rosy. The quality on these shadows is actually really amazing. They’re incredibly smooth and pigmented, they blend really nicely, and they have really good wear time with primer. As you can see, the packaging is quite similar to the Too Faced Chocolate palettes, but this particular palette isn’t a shade dupe, though there are similar palettes that are in this range.Overall, with Makeup Revolution it’s all about the powder products and they are very much worth it.



This is another brand under the same umbrella as Makeup Revolution and you’ll notice that a lot of the packaging is similar. I grabbed a bit of a selection of products from Freedom when they launched in 2015 and again I’m most impressed with their powder products. Some of my favorites are the Mono Eyeshadows, which are ridiculously affordable and really, really good quality. The ones you see above are all shimmers and mostly neutral shades, though the copper is very vibrant. They have an almost creamy texture to them and pack a lot of pigment. I would recommend using these with a primer, because they are creamy enough that they have a tendency to crease, but you really can’t beat the quality for the price of under $2 per shadow.Another product that I really like from Freedom is their Pro Contour Kit, which I have in the shade fair. This product has a really soft, silky texture and gives a really natural look. guest-post-writing-whimsy-international-products-4 COLOURPOP COSMETICS

Oh Colourpop, how expensive you are to ship to Canada! It took me a long time to put in my first Colourpop order simply because of the cost of shipping, but I finally bit the bullet and grabbed a selection of different products to try out and I was overall quite impressed. My favorites are the Super Shock Blushes, the matte Super Shock Shadows, and the matte Lippie Stix. I would say that shades are definitely all about preference when it comes to a line this large, because this is really about the unique formula. That said, my personal favorite shades are the Super Shock Shadow in Central Perk, which is a deep cranberry shade that is absolutely stunning especially for winter, and the Lippie Stix in Poison, which is a deep brown based red that I think would literally gorgeous on absolutely any skin tone. If you’re holding off on Colourpop because of the cost of shipping, I have to tell you that I think it’s worth it. (Also, make sure you use a code to get $5 off!)


I’m a huge fan of Korean beauty and, though it’s getting easier to find in Canadian retailers, I definitely find the best prices online. Since you can often find these products with free shipping at sites like Cosmetic-Love and BeautyNetKorea, I figure this is more about being worth the wait than worth the cost of shipping.

The first product I wanted to mention are the Holika Holika Jewel-light Waterproof Eyeliners. These eyeliners come in some really beautiful shades, including your standard neutrals as well as jewel tones, brights, and pastels. They are incredibly creamy and pigmented and last like you wouldn’t believe. I have about 5 or 6 of these in my collection and they’re probably my favorite eyeliner pencils.

The next product that’s worth the wait for me is BB Cream. As far as I’m concerned, there really isn’t any North American BB Cream that I’ve tried that can stand up to the Asian ones. One of my favorites is the Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit, which gives a luminous finish and really impressive coverage.

There are a few other brands that I’ve heard amazing things about that I haven’t tried yet because of the cost of shipping (MakeupGeek I’m looking at you!) but these are the ones in my collection that I think are very much worth the cost of ordering. I hope this was helpful.

I want to thank Zoe again for having me, I love guest posting for her, and thank you for reading!

Thanks so much to Trysh for stopping by, and make sure to visit Prairie Beauty Love for more international makeup, budget-friendly picks and subscription boxes. Right now I’m about to head to California from Arizona and I am really hoping I can find somewhere to ship a few ColourPop products, especially after reading this post!
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