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Influenster L’Oreal Mystery VoxBox

I was lucky enough to be sent the inaugural Influenster Maple VoxBox* (see my review of it here), so I was pretty excited when this second, Influenster L’Oreal Mystery VoxBox* showed up in my mail box. The really cool part is that it’s a VoxBox, or box of products to review, with a twist… they are all hair care, from the same L’Oreal brand, but that brand is a mystery!
Influenster L'Oreal Mystery VoxBox 3

The Influenster L’Oreal Mystery VoxBox contained a shampoo, conditioner, and split-end serum. The hair products are targeted for distressed, damaged hair. Although I don’t dye my hair at the moment, I am always looking for ways to nourish it and because I seem to be in the habit of only getting a hair cut once or twice a year, anything that helps with split ends is a fantastic idea. I was really excited to test these products out for a week, see how they worked, and most of all, find out what the mystery brand is!

Influenster L'Oreal Mystery VoxBox 4

My first impression of the products in the Influenster L’Oreal Mystery VoxBox  was really good. They all smelled really nice, and had a good consistency. I swatched them in order below, and you can see that the conditioner is extremely thick and creamy, which I really like, while the shampoo is a bit thinner.

Influenster L'Oreal Mystery VoxBox 2

The lather on the shampoo and conditioner in the Influenster L’Oreal Mystery VoxBox was really good, so I don’t expect this to be a sulfate-free shampoo. Sadly my shampoo and split-end serum both leaked a bunch on their way to me, but I still am able to get a few uses out of them.

Influenster L'Oreal Mystery VoxBox 5

My impression so far is that while the work really well in the shower, at least one of the products in the Influenster L’Oreal Mystery VoxBox is leaving my hair pretty fluffy in not a good way. I have curly hair, and I don’t want a product that turns that into frizz when it air dries. I ended up braiding my hair, and the next morning it looked great, but this definitely doesn’t work as a “wash and go” product for me. I will end up finishing the samples, and experiment with using them in combination with my other normal hair care to see how that goes. For the first two uses, I used just these three products in order to be able to give the most honest review of them.

Influenster L'Oreal Mystery VoxBoxBased on the ingredients listed for the products in the Influenster L’Oreal Mystery VoxBox (Phyto-Keratin Complex and Cupuacu Butter) along with that logo in the bottom left corner of the card, I’m going to venture a guess that these products are from the Garnier Damage Eraser line, which of course includes a shampoo, conditioner, split-end manager along with a strengthening, reconstructing butter.


What do you think of the Influenster L’Oreal Mystery VoxBox? Do you think I’m right– and have you tried the Garnier Damage Eraser line? I’ll be back as soon as I know with the answer to this mystery!

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