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Influenster L’Oreal Mystery VoxBox REVEALED

This post is just a quick little follow up to my Influenster L’Oreal Mystery VoxBox* (which you can find here) where I tested out a bunch of hair products not knowing what brand they were. I did make my guess though– Garnier Damage Eraser, and then a few days later this shows up in the mail…

Influenster L’Oreal Mystery VoxBoxHmm… I didn’t order anything from Garnier. So I opened it up to reveal the brand behind the products in my Influenster L’Oreal Mystery VoxBox…

I WAS RIGHT. In addition to the shampoo, conditioner and split-end serum I reviewed, Garnier also included a conditioning hair mask, or “Strength Reconstructing Butter”, in the follow up reveal to the Influenster L’Oreal Mystery VoxBox. All products are full size which gives me plenty of time to test them out. I will say that although combining all three products on their own gave me frizzy hair, I’m still going to give them a try in combination with my normal post-showering hair products, and I am also really excited to test out the hair mask. I usually have dry hair and since I have discovered hair masks they are basically my favourite thing ever, so I am always excited to see a new one at the drugstore. Expect to see my final thoughts on the products in the Influenster L’Oreal Mystery VoxBox as I finish them up and they make their way into my “empties” posts.

Have you tried the Garnier Damage Eraser line?

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