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Influenster #MapleVoxBox

Influenster is a great website where you can sign up (let me know if you want an invite) and fill out surveys and eventually, if you’re lucky you’ll get a “voxbox” of awesome things to test out and review. The Influenster #MapleVoxBox is the first one but I’ve already seen some people getting a Sally Hansen one. I don’t think I qualified, but then, I was traveling and didn’t even manage to put this review up yet, so I can’t complain!
Influenster Box 1 Influenster Box 11The Influenster #MapleVoxBox contained a great mix of products, both edible and beauty from several brands. Unfortunately I won’t really be able to share my thoughts on several of them, in particular the NYC New York Color Big Bold Plumping Lip Gloss which was sadly missing from my box. But here’s the rest of the goodies:

Influenster Box 3

First up were two treats from Skinny Cow, which makes low calorie snacks which are filled with chocolate and other yummy things. Unfortunately they also include gluten, and because I have celiac disease I was unable to test them out. However my boyfriend graciously volunteered and gave me his thoughts on them.

Influenster Box 6My Influenster #MapleVoxBox included Skinny Cow Milk Chocoltae Flavour Heavenly Crisp*, which is a wafery chocolate that my boyfriend said was okay. It didn’t look very filling but seems okay if you just want something small to satisfy that sweet tooth. The second products was Skinny Cow Milk Chocolate Dream Clusters*, which I think he liked better and looks kinda like Turtles chocolate which I love. There are only a few in the package, but for 120 calories it’s not bad.

Influenster Box 8Next up was the Ice Breakers Duo in Raspberry*. I really love Ice Breakers mints (especially the sour ones) but haven’t tried this particular type before. They are sweet on one side and minty on the other, and each one is quite large. Even though they were a bit strange, I enjoyed them, but I offered them to quite a few people at work and not everyone was such a fan. You have to really like the mix of sweet and minty. Because of the sweetness, I don’t think they are the most refreshing mint, but they taste good and I will definitely buy more from Ice Breakers in the future.

Influenster Box 7

The product I was most excited about in my Influenster #MapleVoxBox was definitely the Montagne Jeunesse Clay Spa Masks*, which I received in Red Earth Clay Spa. I think I tested this out the night I got it. There are no photos because honestly it’s quite creepy- it’s a sheet mask but it’s kinda made of fabric and it’s peach/skin-toned so it basically looks like a bandage. That said, it is a great way to get the effects of a clay mask without nearly as much mess as it is quite easy to clean up. I haven’t been impressed by sheet masks so far, but I want to be, so I keep trying them. So far, this is my favourite because I could actually tell an impact after I used it. I have a second one in a different type from the same brand from a Beauty Box 5, so I’ll definitely be testing that one out as well soon.

Influenster Box 9Influenster Box 10Although my Influenster #MapleVoxBox was missing the lipgloss, I did receive the NYC New York Color Big Bold Curl Mascara* which I was excited to test out as it came at a time when I was actually finishing up a mascara. The tube is quite large and it’s a bright teal that I really love, it’s also quite affordable (about $5). However, the main problem I have is the brush. Here are some before and after photos of my lashes when I’ve applied it.

Influenster Box 12 Influenster Box 13Unfortunately I was dumb and took a photo of a different eye before/after but I think it’s pretty obvious that it definitely thickens and lengths my lashes. However the brush is basically a huge caterpillar and it means it’s hard to just get it on your lashes (as you can tell in my photo) and is a bit of a hassle to apply. I don’t mind the formula, but I wouldn’t repurchase because of the bulky brush. I would try other mascaras by NYC in the future though.

Influenster Box 5

I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about the final product in my Influenster #MapleVoxBox which was the Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-On Manicure*. Right away I wasn’t a huge fan of the design I got (though they have plenty of others that I do like). However I decided to give it a try and I did get a couple compliments wearing them. There are a lot of nails included so even though I had a bit of initial difficulty finding one that would fit my nails well, I ended up with a pretty good match. These are short, my nails were definitely nubs when I applied them, but it’s nice cause it doesn’t look too over the top. If you had pretty long nail beds though this definitely wouldn’t work for you.  Influenster Box 14I fiddle with my nails a lot so I wasn’t the best test of how long this lasted, but I did manage to keep it on 2-3 days before I finally took them off. They stick very well and don’t damage your nails, so I think they would be a great choice instead of artificial nails for a fancy event. With a solid colour you could probably paint over them and use one of your own polishes. Overall, I don’t mind my own nails so I doubt I’d rebuy these but if you’re looking for fake nails I would recommend them.

So that’s it! My first Influenster box! I was super excited to participate in this campaign and I really liked testing out all the products. Nothing was a perfect match, but I did enjoy everything and hopefully my reviews were helpful. Let me know what you think of these products and if you have joined Influenster yet!

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