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Incoco Tea Party Nail Polish Strips

Just a quick review featuring Incoco Tea Party Nail Polish Strips*. These are a gorgeous new design from the Incoco Spring Nail Art Collection that have roses over a pale pink polka dot print. I was absolutely obsessed with these when I received them, as they are pretty much perfect for a tea party or lovely spring day.

The imperfect application is 100% my fault, as I didn’t have a great nail file (which you use to trim off the excess) when I applied them. I also had a tiny bit of difficulty with some that were too large for my nail, which just takes a bit of practice. I guess I must also apologize for the shape of my nails, back down to nubs and in bad shape which is what happens when I neglect nail care for over a week and deal with a lot of stress, but there it is. Incoco Tea Party Nail Polish StripsI definitely agree that these Incoco Tea Party Nail Polish Strips would be perfect for a tea party. They are made of real nail polish  and therefore last a lot longer than the sticker kind I normally use. However you also have to use them immediately after opening because they dry out and lose their stickiness.

I got at least a week of wear out of the first Incoco strips I tried, although these probably won’t last as long due to my poor application. That said, the Incoco Tea Party design is absolutely adorable, and Incoco has an amazing spring collection I definitely recommend checking out here. Hello Sunshine, Daydreams, and Brilliant Burst are some of the other gorgeous designs I am lusting over at the moment.

Have you tried Incoco before? I have two more designs from the spring collection to share in the upcoming week or two.

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