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Incoco Garden Path Nail Polish Strips

Following up Incoco Apple Blossom and Incoco Tea Party, I have one last set of real polish appliques to share with you from the spring collection, Incoco Garden Path Nail Polish Strips*, a perfect-for-spring design featuring gorgeous wildflowers.

Incoco Garden Path Nail Polish Strips 2

I was in love with the Incoco Garden Path design from the second I received it, and out of all three this was definitely the one I was most excited about and saved for last. Unfortunately it was also the one that was least successful for me. I don’t know if there was something wrong with my package, or if it was just this particular design, but I found these strips to be much thicker than the other two. As a result, they didn’t apply as nicely, puckering a bit at the edges, and also just didn’t stay on nearly as well. It felt more like wearing traditional nail stickers, but Incoco Garden Path Nail Polish Strips are made of real nail polish, and I have loved how natural and long-lasting the other two designs were, so I’m not sure what happened with this one.

Incoco Garden Path Nail Polish StripsI definitely a huge fan of the brand, and Incoco Garden Path Nail Polish Strips are so cute, but unfortunately not as successful for me as previous designs were. I’m glad this is not the first one I’ve tried or I would probably be disappointed. However, I know that this design was an anomaly (and possibly even just my packet, though it’s hard to know) and I look forward to try out other designs in the future. I definitely recommend the Apple Blossom and Tea Party designs from this collection.

What do you think of the Incoco Garden Path Nail Polish Strips? Have you ever found a similar issue with real nail polish appliques?

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