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Incoco Apple Blossom Nail Polish Strips

I don’t know if I should call this another “mini” review just because it’s not ridiculously long, but I’ve got a few thoughts and photos to share of Incoco Apple Blossom Nail Polish Strips*. These were the first Incoco strips I tested out, and in fact my first experience with real nail polish strips, and I was incredibly impressed!
Incoco Apple Blossom Nail Polish Strips 2

Incoco nail appliques are made of 100% real nail polish. They are a base coat, impressive nail art (or solid cream, if you prefer) and top coat all in one. As a result, they are much thinner than the basic nail sticker and last much longer because they don’t just peel off. In fact, I removed what was left of my Incoco Apple Blossom Nail Polish Strips about a week later using normal polish remover. I easily could have gotten more wear on them (these photos are after 2 and a half days of wear and there’s only a little bit of wear on the tips) if I wasn’t fidgety with my fingernails. This is definitely a great way to get long-lasting nail art with minimal effort– it took me less time to apply these than it would to do a solid colour liquid polish on my nails.

Incoco Apple Blossom Nail Polish StripsIncoco Apple Blossom Nail Polish Strips are a special spring design, and you can check out the rest of them here. These actually weren’t my favourite in the packet, but on my nails I fell in love and got lots of compliments. They are subtle but lovely and I definitely think the design captures that spring feeling. I found them very easy to apply and although they won’t hide any ridges your nails have, they are very thin and not obvious as stickers.

Overall, Incoco Apple Blossom Nail Polish Strips were definitely a success and I would love to try more designs from the brand in the future! I am definitely getting hooked on the world of real polish stickers…

Have you ever tried real nail polish nail stickers? How do you like them in comparison to traditional stickers?

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