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Holiday Gift Guide: Sephora Collection Brushes

Holiday Gift Guide Sephora Collection Brushes 9Every holiday season Sephora comes out with a ton of amazing gift sets, especially when it comes to their brushes! I have reviewed a few of the sets in the past, but today I have a post jam-packed with a Holiday Gift Guide of Sephora Collection Brushes, and yes, there are a ton of gorgeous options. So many in fact I wasn’t able to thoroughly every single brush like I normally do, but I have been using them and I’ll give an introduction and my overall impressions of each set, but definitely make sure to go stroke them in store! 🙂

Holiday Gift Guide Sephora Collection Brushes 5Sephora Collection Moment to Shine Votive Brush Set* comes in a gorgeous box with a stunning glass votive holder with four brushes, although it can definitely hold more once you remove the foam insert. There’s a large, fluffy and soft powder brush perfect for blush, a large, densely packed shadow brush that works well all over the lid as long as your eyes aren’t too small, a pencil brush (it’s described as a crease brush, but it definitely works as a pencil brush for me), and a lovely little smudge brush. The brushes all have gold handles and are cruelty-free. It’s both a lovely gift, and a lovely piece to display.

Holiday Gift Guide Sephora Collection Brushes 2Sephora Collection All a Glow Brush Set* comes with five travel-sized brushes (the handles are quite short) in a handy pouch that reminds me quite a bit of a really pretty CD holder. The brushes are intended to match with the All A Glow Face Palette, but I don’t have that and I think they work quite well on their own for achieving a full flawless face. There’s an angled, stippled brush for cream blush, as well as a rounded one for foundation, both of which are very soft. There’s also a more pointed stipple brush for highlighter, a tiny one perfect for concealer, and another angled brush for contouring. The set also comes with a little booklet of tips and tricks for highlighting and bronzing.

Holiday Gift Guide Sephora Collection Brushes 4Sephora Collection Gold Star Skinny Brush Set* is a really gorgeous option that contains five gold brushes in a matching case. I actually really love this case, which feels sturdy and has a magnetic closure. The brushes inside are all quite soft with synthetic black bristles and longer, although still travel-friendly, handles. The set includes a powder brush, foundation brush, crease brush, liner brush, and a really nice shadow brush which isn’t as large as the Sephora ones tend to be.

Holiday Gift Guide Sephora Collection Brushes 3Sephora Collection Pure Luxury Antibacterial Brush Set* is the most luxe set in this gift guide–no wonder it’s called Pure Luxury–and definitely my favourite appearance-wise as the black and gold glitter handles on the brushes are just stunning. This set contains every brush you need to do your makeup, and so it’s a great gift for both a makeup lover and novice. The brushes are light and very soft, they also do a great job picking up product and the powder brush? Just stunning. It also comes with a foundation brush, an angled eyeshadow brush (I would use this in my crease), an eyeshadow brush (again, a really good size), a concealer brush, a perfect tiny flat eyeliner brush, and a basic brow comb. The case is black and gold quilted with a magnetic closure, and the brushes are all synthetic. Overall, it’s a really nice set and even on the pricier end of the spectrum it still works out to about $10 a brush.

Holiday Gift Guide Sephora Collection Brushes 6Sephora Collection Touch and Gold Travel Brush Set* is an adorable trio of brushes perfect for travel. The handles are quite tiny so I would really only use these when traveling, but they fit in an adorable little brush wrap that can easily be popped in your bag for touch ups. There’s a powder brush, an angled foundation brush, and a large shadow brush. I think all three of these brushes can be multi-purpose–the powder brush would work for both blush and setting powder, for example–which makes them even more travel friendly. That said, I’d rather stick with one of the larger sets I prefer even if it takes up a bit more space.

Holiday Gift Guide Sephora Collection Brushes 7The final product in this gift guide is the lovely gold version of the Sephora Collection Multitasker Mini Complexion Brush*, although it’s also available in black as well. This brush is densely packed and soft, and it would make a great stocking stuffer. This is definitely the kind of brush I’d take traveling, because it is small but mighty! It really does a lovely job applying foundation.

Holiday Gift Guide Sephora Collection BrushesObviously, there are a ton of Sephora Collection Brush options this holiday season, and I haven’t even covered all of them in this post! As to which one you need, it really depends on what you are looking for–travel size or full, face or face and eye, there is definitely an option for you. Almost all of my brushes come from Sephora Collection, and my personal picks are definitely the Sephora Collection Pure Luxury Antibacterial Brush Set and the Sephora Collection Multitasker Mini Complexion Brush.

Will you be picking up a brush set this season?

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