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HITS Poseidon Swatch and Review

HITS Poseidon was my first truly holographic polish (Julep Rebel doesn’t really count) and I got it in a swap and could not wait to test out this gorgeous shade. It was a little more work than I expected (ie: way more coats) but the end result was incredibly gorgeous.

HITS Poseidon 3

Although the application was HITS Poseidon was even and easy, it was a lot more sheer than I expected and the end result is that these swatches are four coats. HITS polishes already come in tiny bottles, so I’m not sure how many more uses I have out of this (it was already used once before I got) but it’s not many.

HITS Poseidon 2

Even at four coats, HITS Poseidon is still a bit sheer in certain lighting as you can tell in the photos, although it didn’t appear noticeable in person.

HITS Poseidon 5

In the sunlight though, wow, HITS Poseidon really shines! I did not want to take this polish off, and it was really long lasting so luckily I wore it for nearly a week. Such a gorgeous, perfect, shade of holographic blue. This definitely convinced me I needed more holographic polishes (a feat I have since accomplished…)

HITS Poseidon 6

Unrelated to the polish, but looking at these swatches make me a tad sad! Oh long-ish nails, how I miss you! I know getting my down to the nail bed was the best choice for me, but I’m not sure when I’ll have the confidence to swatch any more polishes… I definitely don’t have long nail beds!

HITS Poseidon 1

In the meantime, I’m enjoying just wearing polish without feeling any obligation to take photos of it. Although if I was wearing HITS Poseidon I would definitely want to. So pretty! HITS is fairly hard to get ahold of and quite expensive, so I don’t know if I’ll end up getting any more polishes from them (they have some amazing duochromes too and you can find some of their polish on Ebay) but I’ve definitely been bit by the holographic bug!

HITS Poseidon 4

What do you think of HITS Poseidon and other holographic polishes? Do you own any, and if not, do you want to after seeing these photos?

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