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Hi, I’m Zoë. The dog is Sass.

I haven’t had a ‘real’ personal blog in ages, maybe forever, because I was pretty much under the impression that you needed to have an interesting life to have one. Well, maybe this will force me to be more interesting! If not, it’ll be a lot of nail polish and science. Maybe even the science of nail polish. Probably not.
Okay, well here’s a cute picture:
This is me and my puppy Sass back in June. She’s not actually my puppy, she’s my mom’s. So she lives an hour and a half plane ride away which means that I don’t have to walk her or feed her or all those other things that grad students don’t really have time for. But she’s cute and I love her. Someday, I will have my own puppy. Until then, I have a blog.

Also, just so they don’t feel left out, my mom actually has three puppies.

From left to right, they are Mango, her half sister Nala, and then mommy Sass. This photo is two years ago, so Mango is now actually the largest one. And yes, they are poodles, no need to make them insecure about it.

Now I’ve run out of things of things to say. Nice to meet you.

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