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Her Every Fear by Peter Swanson

I picked up Her Every Fear by Peter Swanson after loving his latest release, Eight Perfect Murders, and deciding I wanted to delve into the two books I had left on his backlist. This particular novel is the story of an apartment swap between Kate, who lives in London and and is still dealing with anxiety after an attack by her ex-boyfriend, and her cousin Corbin, who she has never met but lives in Boston. When Corbin’s work brings him to London, he offers to switch places with Kate, and to everyone’s surprise–including her own–she takes him up on the offer. But soon after she arrives in Boston, Kate learns her new next door neighbour has just been murdered. Curious, Kate wants to find out what happened, but could the murderer be her very own cousin?

Her Every Fear has a slower pace and definitely felt more like a mystery than a true intense thriller. Early on, I felt like too much of the book took place in the past, when I was most invested in what was going on in the present day. I also never really connected or felt strongly about Kate. She’s had such a traumatic past but she also behaves in a way that was frustrating at times. I definitely still enjoyed Swanson’s writing, it felt dark and sinister, but a lot of the tory did come across as unbelievable. Ultimately, things just fit too perfectly together, when I just want it to be a little messier. Overall, this was a middle of the road mystery for me, it won’t be high on my list to recommend but I definitely intend to finish with the remaining book on the Swanson backlist (The Kind Worth Killing) and I do plan to continue to reach for his new releases in the future. Even though none of his books have been five stars for me yet, there’s definitely something about his writing that keeps me coming back.

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