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Hello Kitty Kawaii Nail Set

Hello Kitty Kawaii Nail Set 5Earlier this week I shared some adorable Hello Kitty holiday gift options, and today I’m back with one more, the Hello Kitty Kawaii Nail Set*. It is jam-packed with red and white themed nail art supplies to give you dozens of possibilities for cute nail art.

Hello Kitty Kawaii Nail Set 4Hello Kitty Kawaii Nail Set includes a nail file, a stamper kit that includes a stamp, scrapper and Hello Kitty plate along with a mini red and white polish for stamping, Hello Kitty rhinestones, 3D apples, three sheets of nail stickers, 3 sets of nail appliques, and of course the adorable reusable tin it all comes in.

Hello Kitty Kawaii Nail Set 2I am definitely not a nail artist but of course I had to try to create a look for you using the Hello Kitty Kawaii Nail Set. I started off with a base coat of red or white, which both looked decent with one coat (which is probably why they work so well for stamping) but better with two. I did some stamping on my pinkie and ring finger. On my middle finger I used one of the Hello Kitty rhinestones by applying it to wet polish and then sealing it in with top coat–I did the same thing on my thumb with the apple. I actually didn’t have any issues with them falling off for at least a day, but you can always use nail glue. I also added some silver heart stickers to my index finger.

Hello Kitty Kawaii Nail SetThis is just one of the many looks that you can create using the Hello Kitty Kawaii Nail Set, and I actually did an entirely different series of designs on my right hand, but those were even more amateur looking so no photographs were taken! The background to the photo is the inside of the tin lid, as the tin itself is really nice and definitely a keepsake.

Hello Kitty Kawaii Nail Set 3Overall, I think the Hello Kitty Kawaii Nail Set is an adorable gift for anyone who really loves Hello Kitty and nail art. It is a great introductory set, with plenty of possibilities and tons of cute supplies! What do you think of it?

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