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Happy things with which to end the week (2)

Remember that post last week where I talked about my amazing poutine? Turned out I was back at the mall on Sunday, shopping with a friend who needed an interview outfit, and managed to get it again. Yum. But that has definitely satisfied my poutine craving for the next couple months I think. Unless I happen to be nearby to it again…
I feel like this photo captures its deliciousness even better than last time.
What else do I have to be happy about? Well there are these gluten-free brownies I made last Saturday, and have since eaten. But I definitely enjoyed them while they lasted. Yum. 
Not the best photo, but the taste was worth it.
While I was at the mall, when I wasn’t eating poutine, I picked up a few boring things at the dollar store like a potato masher. But I also treated myself to a perfume I’ve been lusting over for a couple months now. I got the body cream, shimmer cream, and scrub in the scent for Christmas, but I really wanted something stronger and longer lasting. Unfortunately the only size is pretty small, but for $12 I picked up Victoria Secret’s Love Spell. It’s described as cherry blossom and peach. All I can say is that it smells amazing. As cheesy as the names are, I have fallen in love with it. Definitely worn it a few times already, which you can tell by the slight use of the bottle. Luckily it’s a really popular scent because I’m sure I’ll be going back for more in the future.
Looking at this picture just makes me want to spray more on. Yum.
I actually also got quite a few goodies in the mail this week of the bookish nature, so I figured I’d share them as well.
Books, books, books!
A pre-order, along with a spontaneous purchase both arrived for me this week, along with two signed books I won on Twitter. Yay Twitter.
I bought Pivot Point by Kasie West when the author was running a pre-order contest with an awesome prize (one option was a manuscript critique) but unfortunately I didn’t win. Regardless, I was looking forward to this book, because it reminds me a bit of the movie Sliding Doors and sounds really interesting. In this case the main character spends six weeks in two different realities, which alternate back and forth by chapter, but eventually she has to decide where she really belongs.
The second novel is The Reese Malcolm List by Amy Spalding. I’d been hearing good things about this one for awhile, especially since it was blurbed by one of my favourite YA authors, Courtney Summers. Then I was reading this post on quitting she wrote on Nova Ren Suma’s blog, and it just me so much more impressed with her and excited to read her book. Plus, I have only heard amazing things about the publisher, Entangled, and since Book Depository had it for only $6.58 I decided to just order and see for myself. Right now that novel’s up a few dollars, but worth keeping an eye because their prices sometimes fluctuate. 
I think she’s got such a gorgeous signature actually, really lovely.
Two wonderful signed books courtesy of author Jessica Martinez, who I follow on Twitter, to celebrate the cover reveal of her third novel, The Vow. I only recently read Martinez’s first book, Virtuosity, but I really enjoyed her honest contemporary YA and insight into the world of classical violin, so I’m excited to own a copy. She also sent along her second novel, The Space Between Us which is a story about sisters and secrets, and apparently the second half takes place in Canada, which makes it automatically awesome. Now that I own it, I’ll definitely have to read it soon. Can’t wait! Thanks so much Jessica! 
Combine these goodies with the fact that I finished a draft of my novel, and managed to get a beta back on it in the same week– which didn’t totally tear it to shreds– and that’s a pretty happy way to end the week. 
Happy reading, happy writing, happy weekend, everyone. 
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