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Happy things with which to end the week (1)

Happy things with which to end the week is a post that Micaela at Dolce Vita Micaela does almost every week, featuring exactly what it says. I love the positivity of her posts, so I’ve decided it’s something I’m going to try to participate in regularly. Plus it’s a great opportunity to make use of Instagram and give a little more information about the pictures I post there now that I’ve officially joined the club. You can find me @strandedhero if you’re looking for more nail polish and other random things (probably food, based on this first week).

It was too early for a Halloween manicure so I went with a lovely green by Sinful Colors (Rise and Shine) and a top coat of glitter by L.A. Colors on my thumb and ring finger. A little sparkle always makes my week better.

 Last Saturday we went to visit M’s parents and his mom made a delicious, but gluten-filled, pizza which meant I got to spoil myself with sushi instead. There’s a new local place there that I’ve now been to twice and both times it’s been satisfying and wonderful. I had tuna, avocado, and one with avocado, smoked salmon and cream cheese and all three were great. Any week is better with sushi.
The next day M and I went out for lunch with his mom at the local truck stop where he got a happy meal. “You wouldn’t want a sad hamburger,” the waitress said and she is obviously right.
I got hailbut and a massive chocolate milkshake. M had a vanilla one, which he usually gets when he goes there with a friend and I was glad to finally get the chance to taste what he’d been raving about. That metal cup in the background was also pretty much full, so that I ended up with double what the glass holds (though I couldn’t quite finish it!) It was just as delicious as it looks. I have an intolerance to dairy and so it made me kinda sick but it was definitely worth it. 
After lunch we picked up a massive (1/2 bushel) amount of Cortland apples and I made applesauce from scratch. Thanks to M’s mom for her help peeling! I love my homemade applesauce, all it has is apples and a touch of cinnamon in it. I’ve been enjoying it all week. Oh, also the second photo is before I mashed it, so it’s not that lumpy anymore!
And by Tuesday it was finally time for me to justify my Halloween manicure. I went with the Hunger Games orange nailpolish by China Glaze and a slightly sparkly black by Gosh. Again, I went with the accents on the ring and thumb finger– I guess it’s a style I’m fond of lately. I think it’s a pretty classy Halloween look. I do have a more traditional orange and black (sans glitter) that I might use next week if this chips off in time. Nothing like some holiday-themed nails to cheer you up. 
It’s great to look back on these photos on Friday, after I just came home from a fantastic time at a departmental grad student Halloween party, and be grateful. Especially because I’m going to be spending much of my weekend on a midterm that is eating my soul and my all my free time. I really hope I can keep this up though! It was a lot of fun taking photos on my phone– and a lot easier than having to upload and reformat them all, even the quality is better on my camera.
What happy things do you have to end your week with? 
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