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Happiness Boutique Arrow Necklace in Rose Gold

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Alright guys, I am really not doing the best with this blogging thing. There will be a severe cutback on blog posts in 2017 as well…I somehow agreed to start a job that requires a PhD in March when I haven’t finished my PhD yet. They’re flexible on when I finish but all that means is potentially having to do two jobs at once. Yay. But I really miss the blogging community especially and I’m going to try to keep this place from totally dying out, especially when I have pretty things to share with you like the Happiness Boutique Arrow Necklace in Rose Gold. happiness-boutique-arrow-necklace-in-rose-gold-2

Happiness Boutique is a fashion brand based in Berlin, Germany that features a ton of lovely, trendy but chic, jewellery on their website. They offer free shipping and a customer reward program. Their offerings include an exclusive collection of products designed by Happiness Boutique, and out of those I immediately fell in love with the Happiness Boutique Arrow Necklace in Rose Gold.

happiness-boutique-arrow-necklace-in-rose-gold-reviewHappiness Boutique Arrow Necklace in Rose Gold has a small arrow on a delicate chain. It’s made of rose-gold plated titanium. Although the website warns it may darken over time, and you can clean it using toothpaste, I haven’t had any issues yet. I’ve also worn it in the shower because I’m lazy and forgetful, but when I checked out the website it turned out that was okay–and I’ve seen no difference in the necklace after doing so. I also find the clasp sturdy and the necklace well-made. The chain has a length of 39 cm and I find where it hits on my chest to be really flattering. Of course, I really love the appearance of the necklace as well.

happiness-boutique-arrow-necklace-in-rose-goldIt can be difficult to know what quality you’ll get with online jewellery purchases but I’m really happy with my Happiness Boutique Arrow Necklace in Rose Gold. It’s delicate but sturdy in person and it’s just really lovely! I’ve definitely added a few more pieces from the brand to my wishlist after testing this one out, like this Moon and Star Necklace in Rose Gold.

Have you ever heard of Happiness Boutique before? What do you think of this necklace?

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