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HALLOWEEN MANICURE: Rimmel Golden Hour Swatch and Review Featuring LA Girl Unihibited

Originally this was just going to be my usual manicure– one solid colour. But as soon as I put Rimmel Golden Hour* on something changed, and I had to grab two more friends for it: LA Girl Uninhibited and a black Nubar nail art pen from my Cult Cosmetics Black Box (see a review of that box here). What was I grabbing them for? A Halloween manicure of course!
rimmel golden hour 6

As I revealed in my “I Love Fall” Tag, I’m actually born on Halloween, and although that meant a lot of themed birthday parties, it also means I have a special fondness in my heart for the holiday, so I was really excited to accomplish this cute (I think) manicure, somewhat reasonable, and I even managed to get the pumpkin design on my right hand.

rimmel golden hour 4

How I accomplished this look using Rimmel Golden Hour– the most misleading name for a polish, it sounds like it should be GOLDEN, but ah well– was pretty straightforward. I used three coats of polish, which surprises me as Rimmel polishes are generally opaque in 1 or 2. However while one coat was really bright and shiny, it was still slightly sheer. Luckily it dries super quickly so I added a second coat, which was close to okay but there were a few nails where you could see my (very small) visible nail line, so I ended up going with 3 coats. That said, it’s not that it wasn’t opaque and if you applied slightly thicker coats you could probably get away with two without any of my concerns.

rimmel golden hour 2

After polishing all my nails with Rimmel Golden Hour, I used my Nubar Black Nail art Pen to draw three triangles on my index fingernail along with a pointy mouth. I then topped all my other nails with 2 coats of LA Girl Uninhibited. This is my first time using that black glitter and I am in love. Black glitter is so cool to begin with but this so much glitter that I actually wish I had stuck with one coat. That’s what happens when you make bad decisions at midnight when you’re painting your nails.

rimmel golden hour 3

I did make kinda a mess of the non-pumpkin nails, probably because I didn’t let my glitter dry enough before adding a top coat, because the pumpkin came out perfect. Overall, I was just really happy my sad nail art and how glossy and pretty Rimmel Golden Hour is, plus the unique glitter of LA Girl Uninhibited. It definitely gives me the confidence to get a little more creative with my nails in the future as well.

rimmel golden hour 1

What do you think of one of my first attempts at nail art? Are you going to do anything special on your nails for Halloween?

*PR Sample

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